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January 4, 2015

Running Tips for 2015 and Getting Fit With Jabra Headphones from Best Buy

Raise of hands: Who has set goals to get HEALTHIER this year?

Even if it was just an internal notion of "I should do this," January is the perfect slate to get the ball rolling on fitness.  If you haven't set goals yet, it's not too late. There is never a BAD time to start. Start by making small, attainable goals. Maybe it's eating better (if so, these are some of my favorite healthy recipes!), maybe it's hitting the gym more.

For those who have considered taking up running, I've got a TON of posts to help you get started! Check out these helpful posts:

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Whatever your goals, we all need straight up motivation to run. For me, I need one of two things: running buddies and/or good music. I always prefer running WITH people - it makes the time (and miles) go by in a flash. I don't mind running solo, though, as long as I have a solid playlist of motivating beats.

Unfortunately, you can't run with just ANY headphones. And as a runner, you'll quickly learn not all headphones are equal! If running (or any kind of fitness activities, really) are on your New Year's Resolutions list, check out the Jabra Pulse at Best Buy!

The Jabra Pulse is a wireless sports headphone that also reads your heart rate through the ear bud in your ear. So this is a major multi-tasker! With Dolby® Digital sound technology, you can receive real-time voice coaching while also monitoring your heart rate. I LOVE THIS. These headphones are made with US Military-grade durability certifications, so whether you are a runner, cyclist or gym rat, they will do the trick.

Jabra Pulse headphones are made with the Jabra Sport Life built-in app, which helps you plan, track and evaluate each workout. Test your fitness level, aerobic capacity, heart rate zone level and more! All of this information will help you set (and surpass!) new goals in the new year!

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