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November 17, 2013

Motivation to Run #MotivationMonday

Sometimes I wish that I'd been an avid runner my entire life. 

I wish that from a young age, I had taken to hitting the pavement with ease. That I could have been a competitive runner in high school or college. That I could have been more active and healthy earlier in life.

Instead, the truth of it all is that I spent most of my childhood avoiding activity. I'd have much preferred to stay indoors on even the most beautiful days and read a book. I loathed every moment that my parents attempted to make me play sports. And I always felt self-conscious of my (supposed) lack of athletic ability.

I look back on it now, at all the excuses I used (asthma, lack of ability, tiring easily), and realize that the only thing that kept me from being active was...



 Or, rather, the motivation. Everyone just accepted that I wouldn't, so  I lacked anyone believing that I could. It took the maturity that comes with age and the eventual desire to start believing in myself to give me the boost I needed to start trying. And despite a few years of on-and-off false starting in college and shortly thereafter, I've finally relaxed into being a runner.

Sometimes I still feel strange saying that: "I am a runner." Because I look at all of the people I admire - my friends who have been running for a lifetime, my running buddies who have conquered marathons or half marathons or, heck, 10k's - and I feel slightly inadequate. I have a long way to go and I'm still deciding on my goals. I'm not sure I ever want to try to conquer a marathon. A 10 mile race (hellllllo Broad Street Run!)? Maybe. Currently, I'd like to become a better, faster 5k runner. 

So I'm working on that.

I'd consider myself somewhat of an avid runner. I love the rush of adrenaline that comes from the wind whipping through my hair as my legs pace over the pavement. But let's be honest: I still struggle with motivation. Sure, some days I hop out of bed and into my running shoes ready to tackle that day's adventure. Many other days I have to psych myself up to even slip into my running shorts.

It all comes down to The Decision

We decide. You decide. I decide. Whether or not to do the thing. I still need to wake up and decide, "Today I'm going to run." Making that decision, whether you are a pro runner or just looking to get started, is half the battle. 

Make the decision today, friends.

Go ahead.

Say it.

"Today I'm going to run."

Maybe it's for a 1/2 mile. Maybe it's for 10 minutes. Maybe it's for 8 miles. Whatever gets your heart pumping and your legs moving. Make the decision today to BE ACTIVE. 



Yesterday, several runner friends rocked the Philadelphia Marathon and Philadelphia Half Marathon. I could not be more proud of them for these accomplishments, mainly because at this stage of my running I couldn't do it!  But I wanted to cheer them on somehow, so I looked through some motivational quotes to post on Facebook (just in case, you know, they were checking status updates while getting their run on). Just perusing these empowering words psyched me up for my next run. 

So if you need a little motivation to get going today, here are a few to inspire you:



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