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July 25, 2014

Today I Choose

Every day we have a choice. We choose how we will react, how we will respond. We choose how we let our emotions guide us. We choose how to let circumstances affect us. Regardless of what life throws at us in any given moment, we have a choice to be bitter or be better

Every day we have a choice.

Today you have a choice.

Today I choose…

…to not yell.

…to forgive myself when I do yell.

…to appreciate the beauty of azure skies - even if they are hidden behind grey clouds.

…to be patient.

…to forgive myself when I am impatient.

…to put away my cell phone every once in a while.

…to sing in the car with my kids.

…to eat well.

…to sneak a few treats because life is short.

…to smile at a stranger.

…to give people the benefit of the doubt.

…to show people grace (even when they don't deserve it) (especially when they don't deserve it).

…to let my kids work out their next argument themselves instead of rushing to fix it for them.

…to remember what it was like to be a kid.

…to forgive others.

…to laugh.

…to kiss my husband.

to be the voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

…to count to ten before responding to a frustrating situation.

…to remember all the things I am blessed with.

to have a worldwide perspective.

…to give to others in need.

…to be unapologetically silly.

…to try something new.

to be a blessing to someone else.

to think of how my words and actions will affect others.

to be brave (even when I am terrified).

…to look in the mirror and allow myself to believe I am beautiful.

…to find the beauty in others.

to remember everything is a season.

…to tell my daughters I am proud of them.

…to show my love for others.

…to not accept defeat.

…to be a good friend.

…to make new friends.

…to see the humor in otherwise frustrating parenting moments.

…to not wallow.

…to stand up when I am knocked down.

…to try something that makes me uncomfortable.

…to believe that I am not alone.

…to revel in the knowledge that others struggle with the same things I struggle with.

…to be true to myself.

…to unabashedly stand up for what I believe to be right and true.

…to always put myself in someone else's shoes.

…to be the change I want to see in the world.

Today we choose, friends.

How will you choose?

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