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July 20, 2014

#EAEvents Social Suite at Blogger Bash 2014

So, as I shared on the CSHM Facebook page, I went to my first "real" blogging event in New York City last week. While I have gone to day-long conferences and workshops before, I'd never been to a multi-day conference. It was on my "to-do" list but I wasn't able to make it happen until this year. 

I am so lucky to have been able to go to this year's Blogger Bash. This social event was coordinated by 3 of the most amazing women on earth: Joey, Charlene and Laurie. The purpose of Blogger Bash is connecting bloggers and big brands. I've never been to anything like it! SO many great people to meet and products to see!

One of the best parts of Blogger Bash are the various "parties," where bloggers can get "personal" with brands and brand reps. I have the privilege of not only attending one of the most fun parties out there - I got to work it!  The Element Associates team, led by Debbie Bookstaber, put on the amazing #EAEvents Social Sweet. I happen to work with Debbie, so I got to be there firsthand to experience it! 

Everyone who attended had a blast!

Here is the run down of what guests at #EAEvents Social Suite 
go to experience:

CoverGirl was on hand to spruce up bloggers after a long day of networking. They provided manicures, pedicures and mini-makeovers! Bloggers got a small assessment, and learned which colors worked best with the skin tones and got to go home with their own CoverGirl lip gloss!

Once you are all pampered, a girl has got to freshen up her style! Joseph Nogucci pulled out all the stops with their jewelry bar. Joseph Nogucci offers a wide array of hand-crafted jewelry, from leather wrap bracelets to their custom-made charm bracelets Thanks to Joseph Nogucci for the super cute silver Paper Plane necklace (made popular by Harry Styles)!

I loved getting to know Washdrops and Auto Tex Pink. Bloggers travel a lot for their jobs (whether they are driving to meetings or events) - so our cars get dirty. The award-winning Washdrop samples that bloggers came away with are a GREEN way to clean off the grime. And it was neat to hear about Auto Tex Pink Wiper Blades, which help support the fight against breast cancer (a cause near to many of our hearts.)

So one of the best parts for me was a special guest appearance from Smokey the Bear! This iconic American figure turns 70 this year!  Can you believe it? (I know - he ages well). Bloggers got to sidle up next to our favorite forest inhabitant for pictures.  Smokey also treated us all to some birthday cake. We are grateful for his important ABC Reminder: Always Be Careful with fire.

One of the most notable parties at Blogger Bash is Suite Sweet - which showcases all the latest and greatest in toys. One of the coolest new toy products on the market, though, was at #EAEvents Social Suite! The amazing Wubble Ball team was live and in person to show us the bubble that plays like a ball. Interested in checking it out? They are now available at Target!

I am a bookworm - so it's always a thrill to meet an author in person. Lauren Willing, NY Times Best-selling Author, visited our Social Suite with stacks of her fantastic books. She is on my August Reading List!

A special thanks to the The Moss-Tucker Group for providing raffle prizes: Corolle Dolls, Tactic Games, SentoSphere, Lundby and Galt. Additional sponsors included: Affiliate Summit, the JetSet Dress and  Alex’s Lemonade stand, who came with delicious lemonade and lemon flavored candies!

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