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March 19, 2014

Say No to Sinus Infections #SUDAFEDREPLAY

Sinus infections have become a regular part of my life. I can know, with certainty, that every October I will get hit with one. It will start as a slightly stuffy nose, that worsens a little bit each day, until I can no longer breathe. In time, the pressure arrives in my cheeks and eyebrows, which is a pain that I can feel internally and externally.

This year, I had one of my worst sinus infections ever. 

(Steph note: If you are easily grossed out, I suggest you skip ahead now).

The pain started in the beginning of October, right on time. The pressure was terrible. I made my own heating pad out of a sock filled with rice so I could perfectly drape it across both of my cheeks at the same time. I could feel the tension in my teeth!  During my infection, I took a short road trip to visit my sister. It was during this time I realized that the sinus infection had also become an ear infection. I'd never been in so much pain in my entire life. The dry sockets in my sinuses were burning, my ear was throbbing and the pressure was so bad I actually asked, "Can my cheek blow up?"

The final straw was toward the end of the infection. In the middle of one night, I woke up with two additional symptoms: a sore throat and difficulty swallowing. After some struggling, I fell back asleep. In the morning, my throat was still sore and swallowing wasn't any easier. As I was brushing my teeth I noticed something in my throat that caught my attention. As I was trying to cough through some of my congestion, I noticed that part of my problem swallowing was that the hangy-thing (correct term: uvula) was incredibly swollen and hanging so low it touched my tongue.

I know, right?

Needless to say, I've lost many weeks of my life to long-lasting sinus infections.

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This post about sinus infections is sponsored by Sverve and @SUDAFED.
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