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March 21, 2014

Mini Clay Pot Hanging Planters

At the challenge of my blogger AND in-real-life friend, Barb, a few other bloggers and I are sharing fun ways to use mini clay pots for crafts!

Now, I smirked a bit when Barb was all, "Let's get crafty and each make something out of those mini clay pots from the dollar store!" Because I'm a living #CraftFail. But I love Barb. And I think those mini clay pots are super cute. 

So I obliged.

When I picked up my clay pots, I saw that they each had a small drainage hole in the bottom. 

Since I had yet to figure out what craft I was going to make, I let my imagination settle on a very simple project that even I could make:

So cute and easy, right?


  • 3 Mini Clay Pots
  • Twine or Leather
  • Plants or herbs of your choice


1) Cut a length of twin or leather long enough to thread through all 3 pots, leaving enough length to keep the pots roughly 3 inches from one another.

2) Tie a large knot (big enough to cover the drainage hole) at the one end of the twine like this:

3) Thread the twine through the first pot and let the pot settle on the knot.

4) 3 inches above the top of the pot, tie another knot. Thread the twine through the hole of the second pot, and let the pottle settle on the knot.

5) Repeat for pot 3.

6) Fill each pot with flora of your choice. Cute little pansies would be great or even an air plant. I loved the idea of filling the pots with 3 different herbs so I could use them in the kitchen!  Pictured below, I have filled the planters all with thyme. I lurrrrrve thyme.

7) Tie a loop at the top of your string 

8) Hang wherever it will make you happiest :)

For more ideas, check out the craft posts from some of my favorite bloggers!


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