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January 2, 2014

It's the Least Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hello, January.

As the new year is settling in, Hubby is already back at work (although tomorrow's snow may allow us another family day together) and I am preparing to send Chica back to school next week.  I've somehow managed to find a home for all of the new toys, and I've been eyeing up the tree for Mission Ornament Removal. Soon enough, the holiday decorations will make their way up to the attic and we'll focus on healthier meals and exercising more since we all promised to be better about this in 2014, right?

December is over.

So…now what?

We are entering into my least favorite time of year. It's really hard to hit this wall after the excitement the Autumn season brings us. From September ushering in the new school year, to Halloween and Thanksgiving to the inevitable Christmas overload, it's impossible not to be swept up into the emotional and mental chaos of these months. Unfortunately, this Season of Wonderful ends and dumps into the Void of Winter.

Ah yes, the Void of Winter.

The months of January through March: cold, desolate and full of germs. There are few celebratory holidays (save MLK and Valentine's Day) to look forward to, days are short and dark, and many get sick with one thing or another. It's hard to feel cheery during these months. And every year I anticipate their arrival, determined to not to allow them to Dementor my soul. I don't struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I love snow more than the next guy. And I truly prefer cold weather to hot. It's just a blah time of year, you know? I work best when I have fun things to anticipate, good things to look forward to. I am feeling the weight of this dreary season, nonetheless, and want to combat the Void of Winter the best I can.

Is anyone else with me on this?

I know, I know. Other bloggers are writing about all the things they are resolving and looking forward to this year. And here I am, a total joykill talking about the BLAH that is January, February and March. But I'm trying to keep it real, as I always do. And I'd imagine others out there struggle with this.

So I'd love to know: 

How do you brave the winter months? 

What do you do to incorporate fun 
when you are stuck inside or sick? 

How do you give yourself good anticipate 
(i.e.: stuff to look forward to?)

Let's make this the best Winter yet!

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