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October 10, 2013

Pinterest Picture Perfect Challenge: Denim + Leggings #FashionFriday

Today I'm linking up with Fashion Friday. Check out all the posts for more Fall Fashion inspiration!

While I've learned a lot about fashion over the past few years, I'm still educating myself on how to piece together outfits. I'm not always adept at heading to a clothing store, pulling a few pieces off the racks and it all coming together. Often, I walk the store aimlessly, not sure where to begin.  All those clothes can be overwhelming!

I'm a visual learner. For me, it helps to see inspiration (in a magazine, online, on an actual live stylish human being), and I think, "Wow. That looks cool. I'd love to rock something like that." Having an image gives me something to work off of.

It's not cheating, friends. It's a base to start from!

So I've spent time perusing the internet, and finding images of outfits I like. I pin them on my My Style board on Pinterest. I try to keep in mind what works for me and my body (and what doesn't). I also pin outfits that I can work into my existing wardrobe, working off of pieces I already own.  Now, when I go shopping, I pull the My Style board up on my phone. This way I have my inspiration literally right in front of me. I have focus and direction on what I am looking for.

This, friends, leads to successful shopping trips.

It leads to Fashion Wins.

I'll be chronicling my journey to imitate the outfits I have pinned on Pinterest (a journey I am affectionately dubbing "Picture Perfect").  Today I'm sharing my first Picture Perfect Win:

Denim + Leggings

Here is the pin:

So chill and cute, right?

I was at Target yesterday and this denim button-down tunic caught my eye.

First, I liked the stitching detail. The thread was a mustard-gold, which looked nice against the denim blue. Also? It was long, which I was looking for. Most of the denim or chambray shirts I had previously come across were on the shorter side. 

And friends, let's be honest:

I'm not about to wear a shirt 
with leggings that won't cover my butt 

(Neither should you, friends. Neither should you). 

So I paired the shirt with the leggings and boots already residing in my wardrobe and VOILA! Fashion inspiration turned reality.

A Picture Perfect Win! 

Not bad, right? ;)

Stay tuned for more Picture Perfect wins. Until then, I'd like to hear from YOU:

How are you making fashion INSPIRATIONS into REALITIES?

Do you have a Picture Perfect Win? Send it to me, so I can showcase it!

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