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October 8, 2013

Get Jammin' with Bacon Jam

I consider myself an overall healthy eater. I enjoy taking care of my body, and actually find most health foods to be tasty (if cooked/baked correctly, of course). But even the most healthy of eaters have their food vices. I have a few myself:

Ice Cream.

Oh. Bacon.

There is something fundamentally wonderful to wake up and smell the scent of sizzling bacon in your house. It beckons my mind to memories of my mom making breakfast on Christmas Day when I was a kid, or the special occasion of eating breakfast at a restaurant. The crisp bite of hot-off-the-pan bacon sometimes just really hits the spot.

Just ask Ron Swanson:

Sometimes I don't always have the time (or patience) to cook up bacon. Then I recently heard of the magic that is Bacon Jam.


That is bacon. 

That is jam.

And all things have changed.

I recently had a chance to try  The Bacon Jams. These local gourmands have created both an original bacon jam, as well as red chile and garlic bacon jam.  We gave these jars a test drive, and were pretty happy with the results.

Taste taste.

To get the full affect, I decided to spread a modest amount of cream cheese on a cracker and top it with some bacon jam. This is a delightful way to enjoy the jam, friends. Delightful.

Doors of possibility open the moment you know about bacon jam. Since it's a spreadable version of one of my favorite meats, it allows me to add a little bit of bacon to everything.

Think of using bacon jam as the base sauce on your grilled pizza, giving you a smokey canvas on which to create a dinner masterpiece. Or add a dollop to your scrambled eggs for a meaty yet subtle flavor. Better yet, spread some on your favorite sandwich for some extra oomph! 

BLT with bacon jam. SO. LITERAL.

Since the holidays are coming, a great appetizer is to take a block of cream cheese, spread bacon jam over the top and serve with crackers. MWAH!

To learn more about the men behind the bacon mission, read their History page.

Connect with The Bacon Jams on Twitter and Facebook, or make an order for your own bacon jam on their website.

Now I want to know:

What would YOU use Bacon Jam on?


Make Ron Swanson proud.

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