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October 24, 2013

Pinterest Picture Perfect Challenge: Short Sleeve Jersey Dress REMIX #FashionFriday

Today I'm linking up with Fashion Friday. Check out all the posts for more Fall Fashion inspiration!

Last week's Fashion Friday post was about adding layers to a dress to make an outfit "Fall Ready." Throwing a pair of leggings and cardigan with a sleeveless dress extends the life of dress, allowing it to be worn for more than one or two seasons.

I love extending the life of my clothes.

In the same fashion (pun intended), this week's Picture Perfect recreation will involved "Autumizing" an otherwise warm weather dress. A while back, I found a pin that I was determined to recreate, even before I stared my challenge. It took a simple black short-sleeved cotton dress, added some layers, and VOILA: a look that is seamlessly swept from Summer to Fall.

Here is the inspiration Pin:

I was most inspired after a trip to H&M where I found THE PERFECT DRESS for this challenge:

Short Jersey Dress 
(in black)

The best part?

It was only $12.95.


Since I already had a grey crewneck t-shirt, black leggings, my boot and various scarves, this was not only fashionable but frugal.

Here's the recreation:

How'd I do? 

(Try not to mind the gigantic wrinkle the under shirt formed under the dress unbeknownst to my knowledge while my fabulous photographer [ahem, HUBBY] was snapping pictures)

Overall, I dig the dress. It's more form-fitting than I'd like, but it's comfortable and a great base for other outfits. For under $13, this dress needs to be customizable! When I checked in my closet, I saw lots of potential customs for this dress. 

Check back next week, because I'll be showing you 5 ways to wear the simple short-sleeved jersey dress!

Now it's your turn:

How are you making fashion INSPIRATIONS into REALITIES?

Do you have a Picture Perfect Challenge that you've completed? Send it to me, so I can showcase it!

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