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July 7, 2013

Summer Boredom Busters Week 2: 7/8-7/12

Last week's Summer Boredom Busters post was a hit! I'm hoping you found some new ideas and inspiration on fun things to do with your kids. I'm going to do my best to have a new list each week so we can go into each week armed with some new ideas. 

Here are 5 more ideas for making most of your (and your children's) week!

Week of 7/8-7/12

$1 Family Movies

It's been hot as a boy band in Philly, and it doesn't look like it will be letting up soon. Nothing beats the heat like sitting in a nice cool movie theatre enjoying some cinematic entertainment, amright? I know for me, I often pass on taking my kids to the movies because it's costly. And since they are so young, I can't guarantee they'll sit still through an entire movie, which would make a $10 ticket a total waste. Well, then let me tell you about the Regal Movie Express. HELLO!  $1 movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! (And part of the proceeds go to the Will Rogers Institute). All the movies are family-friendly, with most of the films being specifically geared toward younger kids. Check out the schedule for your local theatre - there are a few theaters in most states! Our local Regal in Downingtown should be on Week 5 of the schedule, so this week Coraline and ParaNorman are on the schedule. That might be a bit too "scary" for our girls, so we might opt for next week's The Lorax or Big Miracle.

Reading Nook/Fort

Courtesy from her post 
I came across this super cute idea on Pinterest, and had to try it out! My kids love forts, and this canopy-via-hula-hoop idea seemed perfect (and, if I might add, somewhat princess-y, which is always a plus for Chica and Bug). We attempted it last week, and it did not come out nearly as pretty - but the girls LOVED it. And really, that's all that mattered, right? You can get cheap shower curtains at Kmart or Walmart (or you may just have one lying around), and hula hoops are literally $2 or $3. We had to cut our hoop, then duct-tape it into a smaller hoop so the shower curtain could cover more area. We have exposed beams in our screened porch, so we set it up there with twine we had lying around. You could string it up with ribbon or any kind of string you might have.  Check out Alanna George's post for more instruction.

Pick Your Own Fruit

Fresh fruit. Does it get any better than fresh fruit?!  Well, actually yes, it does. Fresh fruit you pick yourself. We are lucky to live near several local orchards who have the option of PYO (pick-your-own) produce during the various growing seasons. I take my girls to the same orchard my mom took me to as a kid: Highland Orchard. As a kid, we would pick peaches in the Summer, apples in the Fall. Now, I take my kids to every opportunity that Highland Orchard offers! Last month we picked strawberries with friends. During the Summer we'll pick blueberries and peaches. In the autumn we'll go back for apples and pumpkins. I am hoping to make it over this week, as blueberries and black raspberries just came ripe for picking.  This is a quick schedule of their harvests. Check out what PYO orchards are local to you on

Make Fruit Crisp

Now that you've picked your own fruit, it's high time you make some delicious homemade Fruit Crisp!  If you can't get to orchard to pick your own, try to hit up your local farmer's market and support your local farms!  I love fruit crisp. Borderline obsessed. And it's a little less intensive than making a homemade pie (although I am a pretty fantastic pie maker), which allows your kids to help you make the top crumble part. Get those kids involved in kitchen endeavors, people! During the Summer, I opt for making peach crisp or blueberry crisp (or, in the wise words of Joey Tribiani: Put your hands together. A peach-blueberry crisp would be divine). I have a very simple fruit crisp recipe that can be adapted for any kind of fruit or season: Steph's Fruit Crisp Recipe. Apologies, as the post is from years ago when I was a new blogger, so it's not terribly pretty. Also also, warning: it is a very butter-laden recipe. You can cut back on the butter, but I will say it does make it truly delectable. It's a treat, right? 

Visit a Science Museum

School may be out for the Summer, but that doesn't mean the learning can't continue on. And luckily, there are kid-friendly science museums all around the country that make science pretty darn cool. Also? They are air-conditioned, which is a bonus option for uber hot days. Three of my favorite local science museums to take kids to are the Franklin Institute and the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philly, as well as the Delaware Museum of Natural History.  Each of these museums has fantastic kid-centric attractions (including dinosaurs), and you can really make a day out of visiting each one. Pack a lunch and have a picnic or adventure to a new cafe for a day of fun!

Where will your adventures take you to this week? What crafts, recipes or activities will you be trying? I want to hear all about it, so leave a comment and inspire us all with new Boredom Buster ideas (heck, I may even feature your idea in an upcoming post!)


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