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June 14, 2013

So...I've Had a Bad Week

Have you ever just had a bad week? 

Like, for no particular reason?

Or maybe a thousand little reasons that alone would be harmless, but when added together create a catastrophic set of situations that, for lack of a better word, suck?

Yeah. I've had one of those weeks.

It's been a week where we've been stuck home a little more than usual, as we transition out of the school year schedule. It's been a week where the girls have gotten on each other's nerves, fighting over toys and food and anything else the other is playing with.  It's been a week of discontentment: mine, the girls. My little chicas can't seem to communicate their discontentment sometimes, so it comes out as whining or grumpiness or tantrums. Which means I, already a bit on edge, has to wade through the challenge of figuring out just what it is you want. A week of not listening to Mommy, leaving me to wonder if I'm the only person who actually listens to me

It's been a week of short tempers, raised voices, tears and many other things I am not proud of. A week where I question my ability to be a good mom, ashamed of all the ways I've failed. A week that I promise to myself, "Tomorrow I'll do better," but when tomorrow comes I falter again.

It's been a week of grey skies, various frustrating sets of circumstances, self-doubt, and fear of the future, which is dulled by a vague anxiety that covers me like a blanket. The anxiety is vague enough that I can't get to the root of what it is making me tense, but I know it's there. 

It's been a week. A week I can't seem to shake. And each day I wake up knowing the week will come to an end, but today might not be the day.

Have you ever had a week like that?

The good thing about those weeks that, even if it takes a while, they do come to an end. The sun does come out from behind the clouds, warming your face and brightening the world. The kids overcome their own issues and get along, communicate better and take to enjoying life a little more. And instead of looking at what lies ahead with trepidation, you look ahead with hope and excitement.

Here's to the end of one week. 

Here's to the start of something new.

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