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June 12, 2013

Gifts for Dudes

I'd like to think I'm a good gift giver. While I have been known to give a gift card, I do my best (especially around the holidays) to really think about what would be a good gift for a particular person. Thoughtful gifts mean a lot. Some can be expensive, others just need creativity and very little or no money at all.

One of the people I adore surprising with good gifts is Hubby. As of this December, we'll have been married for 7 years (together for 9!), and with each passing year, it takes a little more thought and creativity to come up with something unique.

In my research, I've been coming across more and more cool gifts for the male species. Hubby has also clued me in on some good gift ideas and websites for guys, which has helped. With Father's Day around the corner, I thought I'd start compiling a list to share. Some of these may not work out for Father's Day (as in, you couldn't order the thing and have it arrive by Father's Day - but I'll note that in the description), but book mark it and make note for another occasion (birthday, Christmas, Arbor Day, winning the World Series, etc). 


I stumbled across Mantry, a manly food subscription service in Food Network Magazine last month, and I knew immediately that Hubby would adore it. If the dudes in your life are foodies, this is literally the perfect gift. Why? Man + Food + Delivered to your doorstep = AWESOMESAUCE. A subscriber can opt for a 1-month, 6-month or 1-year subscription. For $75 a month, a rugged wooden crate filled with hand-picked food items geared specifically toward guy palates arrives on your doorstep. Everything from bacon and jerky to sea salt and bourbon-flavored marshmallows could surprise the recipient. Each month is themed, and this month the theme is "Breakfast with Pops" - so I look forward to seeing what arrives in the crate! **According to their website, there are still crates left for June 2013, so ordering ASAP can secure a Father's Day arrival. ORDER FAST!**

B Lit

This is the creation of an acquaintance of mine, and I think it's pretty rad. The B Lit is a flashlight that you can clip to anything, anywhere. Want to read in the dark? Clip it to your book. Need to look at something under the hood of your car? Clip it to the hood. Want to shed some light on the trail while you are camping and totally have to go to the bathroom? Clip the B Lit to your hat. I love how versatile this is, and I know Hubby could find about 5,277 ways to use it. **If you order the B Lit TODAY [Wednesday 6/12] , it will get to you by Father's Day - so hurry!**

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey has always been in fashion for classy guys, but hasn't Mad Men made it all the more chic? Dude chic? Is there such a thing?  Whiskey stones are a great gift for a guy who is totally Dude Chic. Good whiskey stones are made from soapstone, and they keep whiskey the perfect temperature for imbibing. Plus they look cool. Don Draper would approve.


I'm not saying my husband is a knife collector by any means, but the guy likes to be prepared. He was an Eagle Scout, and that mantra has been truly ingrained in his skull. A Leatherman multi-tool was his top choice. For him, there is something about a need arising (a toy needing to be cut open, the knob on a cabinet being loose, etc) and being able to whip out a multi-tool that feels honorable. And I'll be honest, we've been in more situations than I can count where that Multi-Tool has been a lifesaver. 

Beard Care Products

I gave this gift to Hubby a few Christmases ago, and he LOVES it. Hubby grows a pretty fantastic beard, so one year I looked into getting him some products to groom it. I stumbled across Beard Care Products website and decided to get him some Beard Conditioner and Beard Oil.  The Jenulence Natural Beard Conditioner keeps his beard soft and smelling good, as does the Botanical Skin Works Bay Lime Beard Oil. So if the dudes in your life like to keep their faces hairy, I'd highly recommend the conditioner (or anything on the Beard Care Products website).

Badger Shaving Brush

Hubby has taught me the importance of a good shaving brush. Apparently, nothing beats a Badger Hair Shaving Brush. Something about the badger hair lures the hair to the surface for a cleaner, closer shave. Or something like that. Badger hair brushes can be on the expensive side, but a good one can last a long time (and mean a lot to a dude).

Dopp Kit

I had no idea what this was until I saw it on two of Hubby's recommended sites, Huckberry and Art of Manliness.  Essentially, a dopp kit is a men's toiletry kit. The great thing about this gift is that you can piece one together yourself to personalize it for the dude in your life. Google "dopp kit" and you'll be taken to a bunch of sites where you can purchase the nice bag. Then shop around for some great essentials to fill it with: Soap, Shampoo, Shaving Cream, Razor, Beard Conditioner, Aftershave, etc.

Handmade Crafts from the Kids

A man's heart would have to be made of stone to not appreciate a handmade gift from his children. Pinterest is full of great ideas (enough so that I even started a Father's Day board) , and I particularly loved this Apron and Back Rub Shirt. Or, look local. Many towns have a paint-your-own pottery place, like The Painted Plate, where you could bring the kids to make a hand-painted coffee mug, picture frame or trivet. 

I'll keep adding to this list, so it will be bursting at the seams come the holiday season!  In the meantime, share with me your best Dude Gift Ideas so I can add them to the list!

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