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May 30, 2013

I Believe the Children Are Our Future

There are days where the various behaviors of my children make me want to climb the walls. Or laugh. Or pull my hair out. Whichever comes first. The crayon markings on the walls. The shrill screams of tantrums. The unrelenting whines. 

What gives?!

Then I thought, "Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong. Maybe I need to see this from another perspective." These might be traits from his or her future profession shining through. 

Let's not stifle genius, right?

So if you, like me, could use a look from the bright side of things, here are some different ways to look at your children's behavior:

If your child...

...marks the walls with crayons and markers: great potential as a future artist (think Picasso).

...constantly runs away from you in public places: you may have a potential Olympic Runner on your hands. 

...screams an ear-piercing trill during tantrums: She is just practicing her future Opera singing.

...whines and asks the same unrelenting question over and over: all the makings of a contract negotiator or lawyer.

...insists on dressing him or herself without regarding for coordination or temperature: Lilly Pulitzer started somewhere, amiright?

...cries over anything and everything: this delicate show of empathy may be the markings of a great therapist.

...is bossy: Shows leadership qualities

...cannot get through a day without getting completely dirty: future gardening expert.

...only responds with the word "no:" strong future in customer service.

Which professional qualities would YOU add to the list? 

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