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May 29, 2013

Bluegrass and BBQ at Tuckerton Seaport

I'm a Pennsylvania girl.

But in the summers?

In the summers, I am a Jersey girl.

I grew up going to the Jersey Shore every summer. This is a common phenomenon for Philadelphia area families. I spent my days digging in the sand, swimming in the waves and soaking up the sun. My nights were spent running along the boardwalk, enjoying boardwalk food and playing boardwalk games.

After much of New Jersey was devastated this past October thanks to Hurricane Sandy, there has been a huge effort to rebuild and regrow the area. It warms my heart that the Jersey Beach Season is opening as strong as ever, with many people showing #JerseyLove all around.

One of the places that is not only thriving amidst the rebuilding but innovating is Tuckerton Seaport, which is nestled in the cutest seaside town of Tuckerton, NJ. Tuckerton Seaport is "one of the largest grass roots maritime museums in the United States." But don't let that fool you. Beyond the museum, there is:

...a NJ surf museum and lighthouse...

Surf's Up!

Kids LOVING the Surf Museum!

The Lighthouse was a HUGE hit.

This is an actual LIGHT from a LIGHTHOUSE. Can we say HUGE?

I love this floor map of NJ.

The beautiful view from the top of the Tuckerton Lighthouse.

 ...a small boardwalk and mini-golf course...


Not only are there attractions to explore, but Tuckerton Seaport has an amazing calendar of events as well as a stocked gift shop.

It's a pretty happenin' place.

I had the chance to visit Tuckerton Seaport during their recent Barbeque and Bluegrass Festival at the end of May. While we were there, we got to explore the fascinating Jersey Shore Folklife Center, learning a lot about the wildlife and heritage of the area.  We marveled over the fun items at the gift shop, and then we participated in the fun festivities!  

The Adventure Aquarium education center was there with live horseshoe crabs, starfish and terrapins.

Chica couldn't decide if she wanted to touch the horseshoe crab.

Todd's Musical Petting Zoo marveled kids and adults alike. Forget animal petting zoos, people. Todd provides an impressive array of musical instruments to get your hands on and play. Chica was with me, and she got to strum guitars, dulcimers, ukeleles, mini-pianos, drums, and more!

This girl could not have been happier exploring instruments!

A wooden xylophone

Stringed Instruments GALORE


Hubby would have had total guitar envy had he been here

Future Mummer?

Just playing the washboard. NBD.

Despite the dreary weather, the smell of BBQ wafted over the Seaport, and we sunk our teeth into some of the yummiest BBQ'd hamburgers and chicken I've ever had!

There was nothing left after I gobbled it up!

Under the tent, folk music filled the air. The artists at the festival were lovely, as I am a huge bluegrass fan!  

Jammin' out some bluegrass tunes.

Tuckerton Seaport is located just 30-45 minutes north of southern Jersey Beaches. If you are planning a vacation to the Jersey Shore this summer, Tuckerton Seaport makes the perfect day trip: it's close by, fun AND educational!

We'll be road-trippin' to Tuckerton Seaport again in a few weeks to attend their Pirates and Privateers Festival!  

Here is more info:

Privateers & Pirates Festival June 8, 2013  11am to 5pm
All Things Pirates! Learn the difference between privateers and pirates and then be one. Pirate history – authentic and make-believe – plus a treasure scavenger hunt, costume contest and pirate craft activities. Enjoy the crew of the Valhalla Pirates with historic pirate entertainment. New for 2013… “Pirates for Sail” live band, Grog Garden and tasty food vendors. General Admission applies.

Will you join me? If so, you may see me in full pirate garb. Which, in and of itself, totally worth the drive.

For more on Tuckerton Seaport, find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was invited with a group of bloggers to attend the festival and check out the Tuckerton Seaport. All opinions, however, are all my own.

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