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March 5, 2013

WWYD: The Pressures of Being the Last Family on Earth

Random thoughts plague me sometimes.

This morning, when I was greeted at the crack of dawn by Bug (and thankfully the crack of dawn is a bit later, so 6:20am is actually within the boundaries of daylight), I started scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. I came across my girl Jeannette of Eco Incognito's status, which asked a very valid question:


That's a lot of pressure, right?

Like, if you were the last/only family on Earth, there'd be, like, kind of this sense of obligation. "Well. We could procreate. Or we could just let this whole 'Civilization on Earth' thing be so last century." And back in bible times, people lived a lot longer. But nowadays there are clocks ticking on that kind of stuff. Maybe there is only a 10 year window left to populate the planet. And let's be honest: when there is pressure involved, it's kind of difficult to be in the mood.

And then there are the implications.

Who would deliver the baby? If we were the only family left on earth, we'd probably have to deliver these babies ourselves. And we have no medical experience whatsoever. I've never even delivered a puppy. If we were the only people populating the world, would there be eventual implications of incest? Like, our kids would have to start procreating, right? Anyone who existed would be blood family. So that's kind of gross. Plus who knows what weird genetic mutations would result from said procreation.

Then it got me thinking to the WWYD (What Would You Do) Chat Day we had on the CSHM Facebook page last week. My last question of the day was:

Like. It's one thing to take on the challenge of populating the Earth when the work is being done between you and your spouse. Because, well, you are used to those kind of things. But what if it was some random dude (Or, if you are a dude, some random chick). And you had to, you know. How do you even start that conversation?

"So. Should we. Like. Do this?"

That's not just obligation. That's obligation and a big ol' heaping helping of awkward. Heck that's just a never-ending Awkward Fest.

And, sure. There are a lot of other factors. A dude (or chick) can be random, but that doesn't mean you might not know them. What if you knew them? What if they were a celebrity. Do you find them attractive? What if you didn't? Do you even like them as a person? What if you absolutely hated them? WHAT IF YOU DIDN'T SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE? "Yo quiero...."

And once again, who would birth them babies?

These, my friends, are the kind of questions that keep me up at night.

So now I ask:


Discuss. Er. Rather. Leave a comment. We'll figure this whole thing out together.

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