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February 11, 2013

Reel Attire: An Easy Shopping Experience for Busy Woman {REVIEW AND COUPON CODE}

What makes a better YOU?

I think about this every time Monday rolls around and I ready to write my Motivation Monday post. Many weeks I talk about My Journey to Healthified. In this area of my life, I've been changing the way I cook, eat and stay active. I'm nursing an injury right now (darn you, foot!), so I'm a bit bummed about my running (more on this in another post). But Hubby and I continue to find new healthy food inspirations on a regular basis. It's amazing how yummy it can be to eat right!

But I'm going to venture and say that beyond my mental and physical health, I've been motivated in the past few months to dress better.

Does that sound vain?

I daresay it is not.

And here's why.

It's no secret that I struggled in making the transition from being a working woman to a stay-at-home mom. I believe fashion was the very first thing that got thrown to the wayside as I adjusted. When you are getting no sleep with an alien newborn, spit up on every few minutes and showering with regularity becomes only a dream, it becomes less and less enticing to dress well. And let's be honest: post-baby bodies are not too kind, are they?

Once I got back in shape and more comfortable in my own body, having a new look was a real motivation. It motivated me to keep working on my fitness and health. And honestly, it motivated me to make an effort with my appearence. Can I even tell you how wearing something OTHER than sweatpants does wonders for your mental health?

It does.

After being out of the "trendy clothes game" for so long, I was at a loss of what was in. To learn, I contacted some of my fave fashion bloggers and created the Fall 2012 Fashion series. Around that time, I connected with the ladies behind an awesome online boutique called Reel Attire

Jennifer and Terra were chic, savvy and helpful - and I found their boutique to be the same. Recently, they asked me to give the Reel Attire shopping experience a try.

And friends?

I was not disappointed.

I've checked out a few online boutique sites, and they all kind of blend together. Reel Attire, on the other hand, has a few great aspects that makes them standout among the online clothing sites.  Here are a few things I love (and you should check out!):


Using the Reel Attire is just that: easy. Whether you are a busy mom or a busy working woman, it's difficult to find time to get to the store to grab some new items for your closet. Reel Attire keeps a nice assortment of items for sale on their site, but not so many that it's overwhelming. The items are divided into categories for easy shopping (Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Outwear, Basics, Accessories, etc).  And within each category, you can shop by COLOR or SHAPE. 

How great is that?


This mantra caught me from the very beginning: "Reel Attire was created to provide a more honest approach to online shopping." I can't tell you how many times I've ordered stuff from the internet only to be completely disappointed when they arrived at my house. The colors are off, the sizing was incorrect or it just looked totally not the way it looked online. 

My absolute favorite aspect of Reel Attire: VIDEOS. I LOVE THIS. For every item for sale, there is a video of a REAL LIVE PERSON wearing the item. So there is no surprise. You can see how it fits a real human - where it is snug, where it is loose, how the color looks. Some of the items, like this Chiffon Sheer Top (which I love - who wants to buy it for me?), has the actual measurements of the model in the video so you can get an idea on how it would fit your measurements.

For Every Woman

This is important to me. What do I mean "for every woman?" I mean that there is a real-world range of sizes offered at Reel Attire. You won't find sizes only for 6', 125 lb super models. Real sizes for real women. Every woman can feel good about shopping at Reel Attire.

Hip AND Affordable

The clothes are hip, and that's all there is to it. I like that there is an eclectic assortment of styles, not just one particular fashion  trend. Their wardrobe offerings changes every few weeks, so there is new inspiration always in the mix! 

Even better - it won't totally drain your wallet. There are plenty of fashions out there, but you need to spend a lot of money to get them, or a lot of time weeding through sales to possibly score a deal. Reel Attire has the hip clothes at great prices - no wallet-breaking or sales-scouring necessary.


I spent time perusing the site, wondering what I'd like to shop for. It really helped to have the videos, because there were a few items I initially liked. But once I looked at the video, I realized that article wouldn't look as good on a body of my shape or I didn't like how the neckline hung. I also found the Shop by Shape option VERY helpful. I found out only this Summer that I was not an hourglass! I assumed forever that I was because I am a bit busty. But it never occurred to me that I didn't have the hips to fill out that figure. I'm actually a semi-straight shape. Crazy, right?

I settled on the Cream Casual Dress (not currently available) and the Camel Jacket. 

Friend, meet Camel  and Cream Casual.

So cute, right?

The order was shipped in a timely fashion and the items came wrapped up in tissue paper like a gift. Yes friends, Reel Attire orders are literally the gift you give to yourself.

This is what happens when a blogger's gotta blog
but Hubby's not around to snap a pic.

Cool people randomly look off into the distance.
It's SO trendy.

I look rad, no?

If you're tired of hitting the mall (or don't have time between work and/or kids) and willing to give an online boutique shopping experience a try, I highly highly highly recommend giving Reel Attire a try.


Reel Attire was kind enough to extend a 15% discount code to YOU, my awesome readers! Use the code...

xxblog15 check out for 15% off your purchase!

I'd love to know: 

What 3 items from Reel Attire 
would totally be on your shopping list?

Leave a comment with your Wish List!


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