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February 13, 2013

Easy Valentine's Day Project for Kids

Alert: If you are family, don't read this post or you'll ruin the surprise!

I'm not the most crafty or creative when it comes to things like Valentine's Day. Sure, I can see an idea on Pinterest and whip it up. But to be the creative force behind a new idea?

Not me.

I had a quick spurt of inspiration this morning, though, and decided to run with it. This is a photo project I did with Chica and Bug. I'll send it to our families, and maybe have the girls make a cute little frame to put it in for Hubby tomorrow. 

It's nothing much, but if you need a cute idea for class cards, family or spouses, here ya go:

It was kind of difficult to get Chica and Bug to simultaneously work together, as they kept dropping their elbows and giggling (which, I admit, was cute). So I shaded in the "heart" on PicMonkey. I also used PicMonkey to add the text. I then saved the photo, put it on a zip drive, and will be taking it to Target to make copies.

Cute right?

And if you only have 1 cutie-patootie, have them make an "M" over their head with their hands to make the heart!

Inspire me:

What are your fun Valentine's Day projects for kids?

Leave a comment and share yours!

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