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November 30, 2012

What To Get Your Favorite Bloggers For the Holidays 2012

I know.

I know I said I wasn't going to do a gift guide this year. I even went as far as creating the {Un}Gift Guide for this very reason.


Then I was all, "Gosh, all of my readers are probably wondering what to get me for the holidays, since I'm their fave blogger and all."

So instead of putting you through the agony of trying to guess what to get me, or (heaven forbid), get me something I don't like, I thought I'd make it easier for you and create a Blogger Gift guide. That way you know that any gifts listed would be appropriate to send to any and all of your favorite bloggers (::AHEM::).

Without further ado...


Some bloggers (and here we won't name names, but one blogger's initials might be STEPH ::cough:: ANDERSON ::cough cough::) find that when they are in a time crunch for projects or struggling with writer's block, 3 glasses  a small glass of wine helps to settle the nerves and unlock creativity. I'm no wine snob, but the Rex Goliath Merlot shown in the picture is my current fave wine. I can enjoy a glass and, unlike most red wines, it does NOT give me a headache. Also? A small bottle is usually only $7-$8. Which is why I almost always upgrade to the $12 big bottle. 'Cause that's how I roll.


In an inadvertent but direct correlation with the above gift, coffee is almost a necessity in every blogger's life. Like, most could use an IV hook up. Inspiration strikes at strange hours. So there are bloggers who burn the midnight oil, feverishly meeting deadlines or composing posts after unexpectedly striking creativity gold. Others are prudent to go to bed early, but wake before dawn to complete their bloggy tasks. Also? Coffee tastes good. So whether it's a bag of their favorite brew or a generous gift card to the 'Bux, it will be consumed (the coffee, not the cards, silly).

Service Upgrades

Part of being a blogger is utilizing the services that help us manage our media: Hootsuite, LinkedIn, SproutSocial, TweetReach, Rafflecopter, and photo services such as PicMonkey.  They are actually pretty essential in our daily blogging activities.  Since we all make BOKU BUCKS as bloggers (#sarcasm #wemakenada), we tend to opt for the free versions of these services. The free services are great, but limiting in terms of reach, depth and options.  Giving a blogger the gift of a service upgrade (such as HootSuite Pro) enables them to become a Super Blogger. Which is nothing short of awesome.

Blog Logo Apparel

Support your favorite bloggers by plastering thier awesome logos on wearable items: shirts, aprons, bags, visors. Especially when they have cute logos made by awesome designers like Techmomogy.

Extra points if you tattoo their logo upon your actual person. THAT is commitment.

Fan Sites

If you love a blogger, what better way to show them than creating the ULTIMATE FAN SITE of their blog? You'd be the most fantastic fan! If I came across IHeartCSHM.com or IAmCreepyObsessedWithStephAnderson.net,  I'd heart you forever. Or call the police. Whichever comes first.


In the end, the best gift you can give a blogger is to keep being a part of the community they've created. Read their blog posts. Leave a comment. Participate in the witty banter happening on their Facebook page. Give 'em a tweet shout out. If you keep loving them, you can rest assured they'll keep writing.


So there you have it. The best gifts to give bloggers this holiday season. Should you need my shipping address, just let me know.

Disclaimer: NONE of the links above are affiliate links. Because I can't figure that shizz out.

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