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November 26, 2012

Motivation Monday: Holiday Detox

I love the holidays. 

LOVE them.

But I am the first to admit that they can be overwhelming. Thanksgiving celebrations can really extend several days over several events. And Christmas lasts for what seems like a month!

We had an amazing Thanksgiving. Some family flew in from across the country and we had the opportunity to host them for a few nights. There was good stress in getting the house ready before they came and the attempts to staying alert to their needs while they were here. 

Despite all the fun, there is just a stress about the holidays: the schedule, the needing to be places, the needing to be "on" so you can engage with people in social settings. And let's not talk about how "off" on our eating we all get. If I don't see another piece of pie for the next year, I think I'll be okay with that.

I know that Thanksgiving dumps us right into the Winter Holidays, but it's important to spend some time detoxing now that Turkey Day is over. While it is difficult to detox within the holiday season, it is imperative to keep you sane for the next few weeks!

Here are a few ideas:

Keep It Simple

Often, when a holiday arises, your schedule is not your own. It means you are out of the house or hosting a lot of people in your house. You get up early or go to bed late. So for the next few weeks, keep it simple. Prioritize your sleep. Don't take on more than you have to. 

Get Back on Schedule

This is important especially if you have kids. Our kids had some shifty nights of sleep with our guests and other celebratory type things. So we've been watching the clock and getting the kids to bed on time, if not a bit early. Now that things are "back to normal," we are all trying to do our "normal routine" during the times we usually do: waking up, eating, sleeping, and our regular activities. This is something you can do during the holidays as well if you plan ahead.

Eat Healthy

I feel like a greasy grossy after most holidays, this Thanksgiving being no exception. If you are anything like me, you kind of give yourself over to the food and worry about the consequences later. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I want to tread lightly this week, avoiding super heavy meals and gobbling up treats unnecessarily. For some, it might mean letting go of some of the leftovers tempting you in the fridge. Try to set a meal plan calendar for the month of December and STICK TO IT. Account for days where you have events and parties, but attempt to keep to good eating otherwise. 

Say No
This is the most difficult thing to do during the holidays, but I'm giving you permission to say NO sometimes. It's so easy to overcommit then you suddenly find you are attending something every night, preparing dishes for a ton of get-togethers, and baking far too many cookies. Please, by all means go out and have fun!  But if you find yourself getting anxious about all that is going on, cut back or say no. When holiday celebrations are more cause for frustration than fun, is it worth it?

I'd love to hear from YOU:

What are your tips for "Detoxifying from the Holidays?"  
How do you keep your head above water? 

Leave a comment!

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