Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom: Menu Calendar

Menu Calendar

I've been inspired by many of the amazing food blogs out there to organize my meal plans. So, I've taken on the organizational idea of making a meal plan calendar (which would be best utilized in conjunction with the Simple Supper Meal Rotations) to keep myself accountable.  

Of course, I can't help but share it with you all. I love ya so much! 

Here you will find the monthly calendar with my weekly menu plans for my household.  It will incorporate recipes from this blog as well as recipes from the internet and other places.  Each day has the meal I intend to make. If you click on the day, it will take you to the description which has a link to the recipe (if applicable).  Days where we are eating leftovers or eating out are noted by different colors. I do not include Sundays, as we are usually eating at a family members home that day.

Hope you find some inspiration for YOUR weekly menu!

Happy Eating!

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