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November 13, 2012

#MomMixer: Now I'm Ready for the Holidays!

I never turn down an opportunity to go and hang out with my girlfriends. So when an invitation to Colleen and Whitney's Mom Mixer Holiday Showcase came through my inbox, I COULD NOT SAY NO.  


1) Saturday morning in Philly at the XIX Restaurant at Hyatt at the Belluvue.
2) Hanging out with some of my favorite bloggy friends.
3) The chance to see some of the premiere toys, jewelry and clothing for the 2012 holiday season.

Win. Win. Win.

I've never been to XIX Restaurant, but Oh. Em. Gee. GAWGEOUS, and it overlooks Center City. After checking in, we entered the circular room and spent the next hour and a half meeting and interacting with great brands. I loved getting clued into "What to Buy" for the holidays.

Since you couldn't be there, let me share my knowledge to get YOU ready for Holidays 2012:

Hasbro Toys

As title sponsor, I knew to expect nothing but the best from Hasbro. And if you are a parent, Hasbro has all the "it" toys for this holiday season. Sesame Street! Board Games! Play-Doh! Check out the Hasbro picture to the left for a great view of the awesome selection (try not to let your kids see, or else you'll be adding a lot of toys to the list!)

Little Passports
Photo Credit: Classy Mommy

Little Passports

This was one of my favorite brands to meet. I am the daughter of a geography teacher. So it was thrilling to see this company formed by 2 moms that allows kids to "travel the world."  For less than $11 a month, kids will receive a package from Sam and Sophia, who travel the world (or the United States, depending on which plan you go with). Kits include letters, postcards, photos, crafts and activity books. I know Chica flips out each month when her High Five magazine arrives in the mail. I can't imagine the excitement of receiving a package from her traveling friends every 30 days! A great and educational toy.

Just Play Toys

Another great toy company highlighting fabulous toys and familiar character friends. Characters like Doc McStuffins, Bouncing Tigger and Minnie Mouse dominate these toys. Super fun!


I grew up playing with K'Nex. LOVED them. I was amazed to see that they have come a LONG way since I was a kid. You can build all sorts of things with K'Nex now and feature motors. Yay for moving things! Also? They are manufactured in southeastern PA. Go local! Also? I want to buy K'Nex so I can play with them. Shhhh. Don't tell my kids.

VZ Wraps

VZ Wraps is a local company that creates reusable cloth gift bags. The bags come in all shapes and sizes - and I was surprised by how big the largest bag was. The fabric comes in a range of patterns, covering themes from everyday to holiday and birthdays. Receiving a gift in a reusable bag is like a gift in itself, and it feels good to do something positive for the environment. 

Tommy Hilfiger Kids Headquarters

Tommy Hilfiger was there showcasing their recently released boys clothing line. The outfits had a rugged but stylish look, and the clothing was made with quality fabric. I am blessed with 2 (crazy) little girls, so I admired from a far. But after following up with them, I was excited to hear that a girls clothing line would be released in the next few months. I can't wait to check it out!

Photo Credit: Classy Mommy


It's no secret that I love to snack. Could we talk about food ANYMORE on the CSHM Facebook page? Colleen and Whitney had us covered, and invited Cherchies to share some of their great entertaining products. I was already well-aquainted with their Champagne Mustard, and happily indulged in their pepper jelly and vegetable dip. Let's be honest: I couldn't stay away from their table. I'm hoping they weren't creeped out by the girl who kept stealing pretzels laden with dip. Cherchies is definitely worth stocking up for as you entertain during the holidays!

Barely There

This was a gift to myself: 
I finally had my first official bra fitting. That's right. For the past 15+ years that I've been wearing a bra, I've only ever guessed my size. I've had unofficial fittings, but I've never had a bra that fit well. The woman who sized me from Barely There was fantastic (although completely bewildered that I'd never been properly fitted before). In no time at all, she gave me my official size (and a correctly sized bra and panties set). Let me tell you: these undergarments are very comfortable and long lasting!

I hope this gives you a good start to some great brands to consider this holiday season.  What's on your list?

Thanks again to Colleen, Whitney and Hasbro for a fantastic event!

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