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September 21, 2012

Fall Fashion 2012: SHOES

The Autumn-esque weather that has descended upon the Philly area has me itching to pull on my fave jeans and layer with a basic shirt and a fab cardi. Can you tell I've been trying to learn from the past two weeks of  Fall Fashion advice? Between what we've been told about pants and tops, I feel like I've got a good list going of what I need, how to rework what I have, and ::gulp:: coming to terms with letting go of some clothes I've been clutching on to far too long.

Sorry, clothes. 

It's not you, it's me.

Actually, it's totally you.

Now that some of my clothing is in order, I have to look at the next logical issue: shoes. 

I'm not much of a shoes girl. At least, I wasn't. But I'm becoming one. Hubby? Somehow, he's always been all about the shoes. He's specific and tries to follow the trends of what guys are wearing on their feet. I used to go with what was comfy. And while there is something to be said about comfort, it was not working in my favor.

I've slowly started to weed out the bad shoes in my closet (it is going to be a long, painful process, people). I'm happy to report that in the recent past, I've added some cutie-patooty shoes that I'm not ashamed to wear in public. 

Meet my lovely flats:

Love you guys!

Now, as I've watched the fashion trends (and as you'll hear from my Style Panelists below), boots are in. Yes, even I knew this. I have not invested in a good pair of boots in years. YEARS. Especially not since people have been doing that cute move where the wear the boots over their skinny jeans or leggings. 

Unfortunately, the boots I currently own do not make the cut. When Nancy comes over to burn my entire wardrobe, I'm pretty sure all 3 pairs of boots will be heaped into the inferno.  

Meet the 3 Ugly Stepsisters:

The Lady of the Night: Flimsy, tight boot that goes above mid-calf with a rounded toe and heel.
I used to love these. But flirts with the line of Hooker Boot.

The Black Widow: Far surpasses the line of Hooker Boot.

Misguided Ugg Wannbe: ::sigh:: A gift from my mom that she excitedly purchased
from a CLEARANCE sale from the QVC OUTLET. That's like...ultra sale. For a reason.
Yes, that is faux fur fringing the top. No bueno.

As you can see, I need to make some decisions about my current shoedrobe (see what I did there?), and make a list of some shoes I should consider adding.  Any shopping trips will be preceded by a trip to the zoo, as apparently animal prints are in. And Pop POP! So are pops of color!

Read on and get ready to be SHOE DAZZLED!

"Every girl needs three things:
A pair of comfy black heels that she can wear anywhere. These are an investment - go totally classic and buy the nicest you can afford, because they will be in your closet for the next 20 years. Mine are 15 years old and - with a little polish - they still look and feel great! 

Boots. Boots are perfect. If you're really a classic, invest with a black or brown riding boot. Personally, the boots I wear most often are a pair of brown lace-up casual boots. They may not be in style 5 years from now, but I wear them at least once or twice a week and they are the perfect way to jazz up my usual cardigan/tank/jean uniform. Boots go with everything - skirts, jeans, dressy pants, everything!!! 

BRIGHT flats. Yes, a really nice pair of Tory Burch black flats will never ever go out of style. BUT - a pair of bright flats are awesome! Think of how a pair of bright red or leopard print flats would expand your everyday wardrobe!!"

"BOOTS! But, that’s pretty obvious.  The thing we love most about boots is that even flats can be dressy enough for a date night or a night on the town.  You’ll also need a great pair of classic pumps.  If your wardrobe is simple and chic, try to find some pumps with a fun pattern, like polka dots.  If you tend to have a brighter, funkier wardrobe, pick up a pair of classic pumps in a nude tone.  Lastly, every woman should indulge in at least one pair of fun, sexy shoes a season.  Hot trends in shoes this Fall include: gold accents, straps (especially the comeback of the T-strap), healed loafers and lace-up boots.  Also, one thing we’ve seen some of is pairing pumps with dress socks, kind of like how boot socks were big last Fall.  A somewhat daring trend, but it can look super cute especially with some skinny ankle pants or a great pencil skirt."

"Shoes – I LOVE boots.  All sorts of boots – low heeled, spike heeled, shoe boots, tall boots, rain boots. . . Every girl needs three pairs of shoes – a great pair of boots, a great heel and a comfy flat.  Now having said that – I have many more than three pairs, and flats are my hardest shoes to find. . .for some reason I just don’t like them.  I have always been a matchy-match sort of girl. . .but I LOVE the look of a pop of color on your feet.  I must say my fave purchase for fall to date is pair of leopard print pumps. Mee-yow!"

"Top 3 shoes for the season: knee high boots in a riding or straight cut style - not super western and not hooker boots - in black or brown; great flats in a neutral color and textured fabric; and my ultimate staple black closed toe, rounded tip, closed heel pumps - platform or no platform are both great. Flats are always a DO for moms, working women, and anyone who doesn’t want to be in pain after a long day on your feet. Luckily, there are a lot of cute flats right now. As I mentioned above, textured fabrics are in think tweed fabric, plaid, animal print, or suede. Flats are comfy and sensible but they can be fun too! Color can be worked in with shoes in moderation. Day time: use an animal print but in neutral tones. Night time: pick a color you want to pop on your feet and pair it with a neutral dress to spice it up (colors that are great for fall are purple, teal/green and yellow). Boots are in. Just take a step back from cowboy boots. The western trend is IN however that means a buckle here or there and maybe some stitching. Repeat after me: I am not in a Dukes of Hazzard remake. Tall boots look great with trim pant styles: leggings, slim jeans, and tights. Wider pant legs or bootleg pants should go with calf or ankle booties. If you wear boots with skirts watch the proportions, if you have to wonder if you look like a hooker or a 90s GUESS? ad you probably do, so don’t go out like that. Your shoes should be in the same color family as the rest of your look OR they can be the one pop of a bright color with an otherwise neutral outfit. If you are wearing a colorful dress,  and bold jewelry, skip the colorful shoe for example."

"I ventured to Nordstrom this morning with a hyper 3 year old and strawberry lemonade, so I didn't have too long to admire, but I definitely noticed a few things: 
  1. Boots are big, small, oddly shaped, wedges, flats and pumps. They have pointy toes and rounded toes. Some are color, some are knit (not many), some have fringe and some have cowboy patterns. They go from tall (knee high) to short (booties) and there are a few in between. I saw very few black boots ( most black boots were embellished ), many shades of brown and a few that were colors. Get creative with your boots and buy a pair that are different than those you have from last year. Chances are you'll wear your old ones again.
  2. Flats are definitely back this season. There are a few key colors (red, browns, blacks) and a lot of patterns (animal prints are especially hot.) From pointy toed to rounded, you'll see most leather shoes have a patent finish. Many have detail on the front of the foot: a bow, a small buckle or a small design. 
  3. There are a lot of choices when it comes to heels. You'll see everything from stiletto heels to pumps to wedges. There were some unique colors like deep blues, but most of the shoes were browns, blacks, tans and reds. The dressier shoes were patent. 
  4. I'm sure if you've been on the gym floor you've noticed the trend of brightly colored athletic shoes. They're everywhere and you just can't miss them for their brightness. This season, most of the big athletic companies are minimal sneakers. Minimal style athletic shoes were created to mimic the feeling of running or walking without shoes. Says Nordstrom, "Get the benefits of a barefoot fit plus support and cushioning with lightweight running shoes that also strengthen leg muscles.The soles are thinner and wider, to give your feet more freedom as they hit the pavement."

"Boots are always in style, and this winter is no different. Riding boots and wedge heels are both great styles that are easy to wear. Ballet flats are another must-have. And loafers are making a come back too! I’m not a huge fan of the loafer, but I do love a cute ballet flat. Try a metallic for something more modern than the basic black or brown. The great thing about metallic is that it goes with everything!"

"If I can only pick three I pick: one pair of classic ballet flats in a neutral but fun color (think outside the brown and black box and go with red or navy), a pair of sneakers that are cute and perfect for working out, and a killer pair of boots with a heel (preferably weather proof). If I could add one more it would be the perfect heels in nude or black.

I personally prefer a pop of color, brown and black are good when you need them, but if you can only get one pair go with color. Boots go with nearly everything! Skirts, pants, skinnies, bootcuts, and booties are fun with dresses.

I love a good sized sturdy heel for boots and think it’s smart to have brown and black boots. Matchy-matchy isn’t good, but blending is great. Though I see more and more color risks lately and if done right they really work!"


Boots. Heels. Flats.

Oh my.

Who feels ready to take on a shoe shopping trip?  Who is yearning to help me donate a bunch of very outdated shoes (The Three Stepsisters included)?  

Make those feet pretty!

Have your Style Say:
What do you think of the advice?
What shoes do you need to add to your "Must Have"? 

What trends are you inspired to try?

Share a comment!

Check back next week when we get glam with ACCESSORIES!  To catch up on the past Fall Fashion 2012 posts covering the topics of Pants and Tops, you can read them here.

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  1. I'm the hooker of the group...I want a pair of Vikkis over the knee boots that can be paired with a modest vintage inspired A line or shift. Modest as in, it needs to be an appropriate mini skirt length to balance out the boot being over the knee for a soon to 35 yr old, but be a wool blend, a fun color, cap sleeves. Classic 60s with an edge.


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