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September 13, 2012

Back-to-School Snack from Snyders of Hanover {Review and Giveaway}

There is something comforting about snacks. Biting into something crunchy and salty instantly calms the nerves.  Wasn't it so great getting home from school, throwing off your backpack and digging into a  snack that just made you forget the world? That is, until you had to pull out your homework?

I think we can all agree that the quintessential snack is Pretzels. The perfect blend of salt and crunch. They come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. They are BFF's with dips, spread and salsas. 

Pretzels are every other snacks best friend.

Recently, the lovely people of Snyders of Hanover sent me a Back-to-School Package of snack goodness. Believe me, I was stoked. Because if there was ANYTHING we were brand-loyal to growing up, it was Snyder's pretzels. My dad would literally not allow a different kind of pretzel into our home. The package that arrived at my house did not disappoint:

Unearthing the awesomeness

The beautiful Stash O' Snacks

Did you know that Snyder's makes certified gluten free pretzels?!?
Yeah me neither. But I love it. They sent 2 big bags.

Snyder's also oversees Lance products. They sent 6 boxes of crackers,
8 packs each!

OH SNAP! 2 boxes of Pretzel Snaps, 10 100-Calorie Bags each.

Aw! So widdle!  2 boxes of Mini Pretzels, 10 100-Calorie Bags each.

There is nothing funny to say about sticks - but my kids love 'em.
2 boxes of Pretzel sticks, 10 100-Calorie Bags each.

How happy are these kids? 

You should have seen my girl's faces when I opened that box full of some of their favorite snacks. W also had my friend, Diane, who struggles with gluten intolerance, do a taste test on the Gluten Free pretzels. She gave a delighted (and surprised) 2 thumbs up!

Along with the delectable goodies, Snyders sent along some great recipe ideas, which you can also find on their website. Check out these fun ideas:

Pizza Pretzels! SO perfect for after school!

Pretzel Snowman Rods. How cute for winter??

Easy Pretzel Turtle Snaps. Oh heavenly.

Best of all, Snyder's confirmed what I've always believed deep down in my heart:

Nutella and Pretzels are a match-made in heaven.

For more ideas, check out all the great boards Snyder's has on

Now onto the good stuff: GIVEAWAY!

Snyders will be giving one of my lucky readers a Back-to-School Pack of their own! YES - all those amazing goodies delivered to your house for consumption. 

And there was much rejoicing!

How to enter: Leave a comment with your name, email address and which Snyders of Hanover Recipe you'd be interested in trying (find recipes on their website or pinterest boards). That's it!

Giveaway will run until next Thursday, September 20, at 12:00pm (noon). 

Good luck!

Disclosure: I was provided a Back-to-School Snack Pack form Snyders, but was not otherwise compensated for my opinions. As always, I'm keeping it real: all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I'd like to try the Nutella Hedgehog recipe for sure!

  2. I love Snyders pretzels and think I must try some of these recipes! Pretzel pizza? Who was the genius that first came up with that?! I'll definitely be giving that one a whirl.

    Lifeinthebatcave at yahoo dot com

  3. Melissa T. OMG i never thought of pizza pretzels. Soooo cool. My son likes the nutella sandwich idea. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. Christine (cms542 at - the hedgehogs are so cute!

  5. Pretzel pizza for sure!
    Christine v

  6. Ummm....pretzel pizza, no! Wait! The hedgehogs! Then again, the pretzel turtles sound awesome...I just might have to try them all!


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