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May 23, 2012

Things Moms Say: Kids TV Shows

Many of us look back fondly on the shows we used to watch as kids.  The theme song to The Brady Bunch, Looney Toons,  Full House, and  Mickey Mouse Club,  all create a warm stirring of memories in our hearts.  We loved those shows, but did we ever stop to think that maybe the shows or characters didn't quite win our parents over? Perhaps as we were singing the Lambchop's Song That Doesn't End, our parents were slowly losing their marbles.  I know many of my friend's watched the Simpsons, but it was banned in our house because Bart was such a wise guy.

Now that we are parents, we have to endure some less-than-savory TV shows.  Maybe it's the annoying theme song, maybe it's the impolite main character.  Or, if you are me, maybe the show has puppets, which you find ABSOLUTELY CREEPY (another post for another day, friends).

My gal pals from PSMM shared their thoughts on kids TV shows. It was not surprising to find that everyone had something to say, and there was much commiserating during the conversation.  Spoiler Alert: Caillou is not our friend.

Here's what they had to say:

Which Kids TV Shows Can You Not STAND?

"Hands down, Yo Gabba Gabba!"  --  Steph from A Grande Life 

"LAZY TOWN!! My 18 month old screams and cries when she sees the scary Lazy Town faces" -- Sarah from Finnegan and the Hughes

"Caillou - not sure why, but I just can't watch it!" -- Stephanie from Mamma Bears World

"Those darned talking potatoes on Disney. Cannot. Stand. Them. Who takes ethical and morality advice from a potato?" -- Lisa from Smart Spending Spot

"Top 3 HATED: Sponge Bob: (what an a**...seriously). Caillou: He's a whiny brat that gets what he wants whenever he wants not to mention the whole presentation of the show and bad narration drives me nuts). Fresh Beat Band: (Even though I love Spice Girls, I have issues with contrived pop bands, especially kid ones. These guys take the cake in cheesy songs and presentation. Horrid). Runner up: I hate Nickelodeon" -- Chrissie from Piccadilly Arts

"Caillou. He whines about everything....the last thing I need is lessons on whining for my kid. I also don't like shows that are geared towards kids but use rude language or make fun of each other on the iCarly. They can be mean, which my kids will learn on their own, they don't need to see it on TV" -- Jess from Delaware County Moms

"Caillou (whiny spoiled brat), Berenstain Bears (hate when fathers are made to look like total losers), Barney (so help me just remember that purple thing jumping around and talking makes me want to scream.) we never got into the older kid shows and I know there are many more I hated but those are the ones I thought of first" -- Heather from Keeping it Real in the Kitchen and Beyond

"Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures. It's horrible. With just one exception the entire cast is whiny, annoying and/or stupid" -- Jessica from Found the Marbles

"Thomas the Tank Engine. It is so boring. And everyone seems so critical. And in the genre of movies: any Barbie DVD, they are mind numbing and creepy" -- Trish from Yoke

"Bubble Guppies: They consistently defy the laws of physics and that really bugs me for some reason. Sponge Bob: I can't believe that show is STILL GOING. I ♥ Caillou! Wasn't a fan at first but my kid is mesmerized by it so I'm a convert. Also - I've yet to make it through a full episode of LAZY TOWN. I don't get that one at all. It's weird." -- Nichole from Nichole Ann

"Caillou for all listed reasons. My kids watch more TV than they probably should (I live for TV...), but I draw the line at this show" -- Lauren from Mommy Breakdown

"I made a conscious choice to not ever let my kids watch shows I can't stand. That way I can snuggle them or be in the same room without being irritated" -- Kelly from The Centsible Life

"Max and irritating is Ruby?!? What a bossy know-it-all" -- Heather from Diapered Daze and Knights

"I hate Barney. I made it through three kids without anyone watching Barney, but my youngest got interested when he was about 10 months old, and needed to take a nebulizer treatment 2-3 times every day. Barney was the ONLY show that would keep him still enough to finish his medication each time. And we tried Everything. Else. He's still a fan at almost 2. Ugh" -- Amy from Occupation Mommy

"We don't watch TV yet with our little one (no TV until 3), so I have not yet been a party to modern choices as of yet. Here's hoping that Sesame Street is still good and I can find old versions of Electric Company and Reading Rainbow on DVD when it is time" -- Becky from Crafty Garden Mama

"That's easy. Yo Gabba Gabba. Just awful but for some reason my child likes it" -- Marissa from Land of Once Upon A Time

"The little kid shows don't bother me. I'm having a MUCH harder time with the Tween. . .that Cartoon Network can be a terrible place. . ." -- Hillary from My Scraps

"We've never let my kids watch Sponge Bob. He says stuff like stupid and that's just a bad word in our house - sadly I say it all the time. The kids thing stupid is the "S" word" -- Colleen from Classy Mommy

"Those tween shows on the Disney Channel that all Cameron's kindergarten friends are watching. I refuse to let him watch that junk. Shake It Up, Suite Life, Wizards of Waverly Place, they all make me want to puke" -- Mychal from My Life In Mommyland

"I'm sooo happy my girls are past the Dora the Explorer stage. Can't stand that show! Another show that is way at the top of my dislikes is Yo Gabba Gabba! UGH!" Amy from Lehigh Valley Family Fun


What about you? 

What children's TV shows just make your blood boil? 

Get it off your chest!  Join the conversation and add your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. So dying laughing re: Lisa's comment over the talking potatoes. Can't say I totally hate them b/c somehow the British-accented spud voice acts as a sedative--for both me and my child!


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