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May 12, 2012

An Open Letter to Moms

Hey you.

Yes you, the Mom who is reading this post.

I want you to know...

I think you're kind of awesome.

That's right!

You are all total class acts in my book.

No, really!

Why? Why do I think you are awesome? 

Well, where do I begin?  First and foremost, you have agreed to take on one of the most difficult roles on Earth: caring for another human life. You made the conscious decision to parent this small being, to provide for every one of her needs, to put his life before your own, and to one day make the equally difficult decision to let them spread their wings and fly.

I think each and every one of you is a hero. That's right. Partaking in motherhood is nothing short of heroic.  Day in and day out, you love your kids. And despite what the movies tell you, love is hard.  It means making the choice to love when you are tired. When you are frustrated. When you are lonely. When you are afraid.  When you want to do anything but.  

You choose daily to love and do what is best for your children.

So this letter, my dear friends, is for you.

This goes out to the moms who submitted to the hours and hours of hard labor to bring a child into this world.  The agony, the suspense, the healing.  Think about it: a life, a small being, came forth from your body!  Doesn't that just amaze you?  Can you believe you did that?

I can, because you are awesome.

This goes out to the moms who underwent surgery to meet their child.  Maybe you were awake, maybe you were asleep. But you sacrificed your body to give your little one life.  I can imagine in the moments before you met your child it was a little frightening!  Are you floored that you experienced that?

I am, because you are brave.

This goes out to the moms who endured the long process of adoption to bring their child into their homes.  The countless packets, the fundraising, the signing of signatures, the mailing of papers. The agony of not knowing if you'd ever be approved, if there would ever be a perfect match for your family.  The long plane rides halfway across the world to see where she lived. To finally have that life-changing moment where you meet her face-to-face. Have you ever thought about how amazing that is?

I have, because you are beautiful.

This goes out to mothers who only knew their children for a short time before they were taken away.  Some of you only knew them weeks within your body.  Some of you endured months of pregnancy before your child was taken Home.  Some of you had the joy of knowing your children in the flesh, for moments, weeks, months or years before you had to release them.  My heart goes out to each and every one of you, for knowing the love of motherhood and the pain of loss.  You are, and forever will be, mothers.  Never forget that.

I won't, because you are strong.

This goes out to the Moms-to-be.  You are working so hard to grow that small life in your womb. You may feel anxiety as you face the unknown of Parenthood, and the simultaneous excitement of bringing your child into the world. Welcomed into the World of Motherhood!  Did you know that you are already a mom, as you walk through these 9 months?

I did, because you are glowing!

This goes out to every woman who has taken on the role of mother, whether biological or not.  You have come into a child's life and vowed to care for him, raise him, love him, provide for him.  And he will be all the better for it.  

You are life givers.  You are healers. You are magicians. You are chauffeurs. You are cooks.  You are storytellers.  

And above all?

You are beautiful.

Every. Single. One. Of. You.

Nothing humbles me more than to meet another Mom, to hear her stories, and to celebrate her greatness.

This Mother's Day, I celebrate you.

Stay classy, Mommas.



  1. YAY for Moms and wanna be moms and used to be Moms everywhere!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Steph! From one awesome mother to another, Happy Mother's Day.

  3. This is beautiful!!!! Love to you mama.

  4. You are a gorgeous human being and your two little ladies are so lucky to have you!

  5. My first Mother's Day card of the year--and it came in the form of a blog post. Thanks, Stephanie!

  6. Well done, Stephanie! Hope you had a great day!


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