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May 26, 2012

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

How do you take your coffee?

It's an important question, one you should know the answer to. 

We are asked this question in so many places: at the local coffee shop, when we are enjoying dinner at a restaurant, when we are being served by the hostess of a party.  They ask, and if you are unclear in your answer, you end up with a cup of coffee that does not appeal to your flavor palate!

Every coffee drinker is different. Hubby is among the ranks of hardcore coffee drinkers who takes their coffee black.  I don't get it, nor could I ever choke down the substance in it's most natural form.  

Personally, I like to doctor my coffee with all sorts of accouterments: Creamer, Sugar, Cinnamon.  Give me something sweet, and I'll try it in my coffee.  I believe coffee should taste the way coffee ice cream tastes.  So when you look at my cuppa, it's usually a pale brown color (which causes Hubby to gag).

I once saw this tea cup in Food Network Magazine:

A tea cup with a built in color (colour?) matching guide!   If someone is serving you tea, you can direct them to the color swatch you want the tea color to be.  That way, as they pour in the cream, they know to stop adding once the desired strength/color is reached.

BRILLIANT! I found the idea especially useful in terms of coffee (since I drink it more often than tea).  It also got me to wondering how other people took their coffee.  So I created this little Coffee Color Guide:

How do you take your coffee, Coffee Color Guide, Coffee, creamer, sugar, cream

If you click on the picture, you can download and print it out!  Stash it in your wallet so you always have the right answer to, "How do you take your coffee?"  FUN!

I'd love to know: Which number/color describes your idea Cuppa Joe.  I'd say I'm between #5 and #6

Leave a comment and let me know!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. I'm between a 4 and 5. Hubby is a 6, which makes me gag. It's like drinking hot candy.

  2. I'm probably a 6 :)

    A friend at work was going to get coffee once and asked me how I wanted mine; I told her to put enough cream in it so it was a color somewhere between a chipmunk and a golden retriever.

  3. I'm probably like an 8... I'm not a big coffee fan, but if it's mostly milk and a shot of sugary syrup I love it. And it's nice because on those days that I need a pick-me-up just one cup is like a dose of crack.

  4. OMG. THIS IS FANTASTIC! When I worked at the frame shop years ago, we'd cut swatches of the brown and tan mat boards to hand off to the person fetching coffee for us that day. I am a 5. A dark roast or red eye with a lightly flavored (preferably non dairy) creamer, one Splenda or Truvia.

    And if you are really good -- you knew how your crush took his ;)

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