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April 19, 2012

Things That Need To Happen Every Morning

Most mornings are the same at my house.  We get up (usually way earlier than I'd prefer), and have a semi-routine.  I've tried to be more militant about our routine, because despite my best efforts, every morning looks different and I cannot seem to get out the door without feel like I've fought (and lost) a war.  

Here is a list of all the things that MUST happen so I can get out the door with the kids in the morning:


  • Wake up
  • Change a diaper
  • Swap a Pull-Up for panties
  • Feed kids
  • Engage in a battle over the lack of awesome breakfast choices with the almost 4 year old
  • Clean up the remnants of breakfast the 15 month old chooses not to eat but rather throw on the floor
  • Pick out clothes for both girls
  • Engage in a battle over how awful I am at picking out clothes for the almost 4 year old
  • Convince 4 year old she MUST try using the potty before we leave the house
  • Endure the tantrum because the 4 year old does not WANT to use the potty
  • Attempt to get the almost 4 year old to brush her teeth
  • Endure the tantrum because the almost 4 year old does not WANT to brush her teeth
  • Brush the almost 4 year old's hair despite her wiggling in protest
  • Rescue 15 month old from climbing up the stairs at LEAST 3 times
  • Break up a skirmish between the sisters
  • Find shoes that match for each of us
  • Put on the 15 month old's shoes
  • Entice the almost 4 year old to put on her own shoes
  • End up putting the almost 4 year old's shoes on for her because she insists she does not know how
  • Make both girls lunches while trying to comfort the 15 month old who is wailing from lack of attention
  • Clean coffee pot because I never remember to do it the night before
  • Make coffee
  • Clean my ONE and ONLY travel mug
  • Make mental note to buy more travel mugs
  • Lament at my home's lack of tidiness 
  • Pack up my purse
  • Pack up my laptop
  • Walk out the door
  • Unlock car
  • Chase 15 month old down the driveway because she is running toward the street
  • Politely ask the almost 4 year old to get in her seat and buckle in
  • Put 15 month old in her seat
  • Run after almost 4 year old who has chosen to ignore my request and is playing in the yard
  • Get almost 4 year old in her seat
  • Run inside because I've forgotten to pack diapers
  • Leave house and lock door
  • Get in the car and put the key in the ignition
  • Turn off car 
  • Open door
  • Grab the coffee from the roof of the car where I first placed it 
  • Start car
  • Drive
  • Endure this kind of car ride most days


  • Shower (HA)
  • Clothe myself in a reasonable manner
  • Clothe myself at all
  • Brush my teeth
  • Find socks for the girls that match
  • Feed myself
  • Keep my sanity
  • Leave the house with no one in tears

I hope your mornings go more smoothly than mine!


  1. LOL. First of all you're doing WAY too much before you have coffee. Would it help to keep a bag in the car that has diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, socks etc? You are definitely not alone, my mornings look very similar and after 8:25 I only have one kid.

    1. Haha. Sometimes the other needs are so pressing, the coffee gets thrown to the wayside! I try to keep a bag in the car, but my car is somehow SO cluttered. I think I need to CLEAN the car and then restock it.

  2. I just can't wait to have 2 every morning...haha. Sounds like you might benefit from doing some things the night before, picking out clothes, showering, packing diaper bag etc. Might make your morning less stressful and we all know you can do things by yourself without "helpers" so so so much faster!

  3. So what, you basically hacked into my life and wrote a post about how horrifically EVERY morning goes down for us? ;) Awesome, true, and glad I'm not alone :)

  4. so HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that you are ALWAYS the first one at preschool? pretty impressive you are not late very often.

    1. Haha - because we live so far away, I'm overly sensitive to leaving relatively on time - because if we are late we'd be VERY late. 30 minutes is a far commute - so getting out the door even 5 minutes late means different traffic, different lights. So instead of being early I'd be super late! So I *try* to err on the side of being early. :) But it means insanity trying to get out the door!

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  8. You definitely need to change those diapers if not I'm sure that your kid will get a reaction. Thanks.


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