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April 7, 2012

Happy Easter, Creeper Bunny

Little Chica wasn't so big on Santa the past few years. This year was the first year she was okay, excited even, to meet him and sit on his lap.  Most children encounter this: a sense that Santa is this important guy, but he's old, and he's kind of a stranger that comes into your house. I was glad, though, that this year she perked up and felt more confident to pursue a deeper relationship with Jolly St. Nick.

Although she has made progress with Santa, Little Chica is still quite wary of the Easter Bunny.  This I am okay with. Why?  Because think about it people:  He's a grotesquely overgrown hare. That delivers eggs.  Despite the fact that he's not a chicken.  Has he had his shots?  Is he domesticated?  Santa is one thing, but we're talking cross-species relations here.

Most of all, the Easter Bunny will forever and always make me think of this movie. And once you see this movie, you'll never look at Peter Cottontail the same. Or ever sleep again.

So carry on, Little Chica.  I'm with you on this one.

Happy Easter?

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