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April 4, 2012

Easter Baskets: What Say You?

The Spring holiday of Easter is just a few days away.  And however you celebrate, many kids get a fun basket from Peter Rabbit himself.  Growing up, we'd have our simple Easter Egg hunt (indoors, as it were), and there would always be one Easter Basket for each of us waiting on the table.  Our baskets were nothing extraordinary. Usually fluffed with synthetic green grass (which now, as a parent, is my enemy), my basket was complete with chocolate and sugary candies.  Every once in a while, the Easter Bunny would leave me a special extra present (like a hat or toy).

As a parent now, we've only just begun creating our Easter morning traditions.  Last year was the first year we did anything notable, as Little Chica was not yet even 3 years old, and Bitty Bug was just born.  We had an indoor egg hunt, and we gave her a small basket with goodies.  We are by no means the healthiest family on the block, but we attempt to keep our sugar intake reasonable.  So when holidays come around where candy seems to pour into our house through every crevice, Hubby and I counter-attack by making healthy (and frugal) options available.  Last year, we opted for Goldfish Crackers, fruit leather and stickers in Little Chica's Easter Basket.  The sugar was in check, and we tried to keep spending under $10-$15.

But not everyone operates under this mentality.

My friend, Christine, posed a really great question for the blog to me the other day:  

How much money goes into your child's easter basket?

I had never given it much thought before, but Christine remarked that some people treat Easter like Christmas, and spend a ton of money on candy and gifts (side note: we keep Christmas frugal and simple as well, but that's another post for another time).  When the Christmas norm is to bestow a value of $500 per child, the Easter expectation rises as well.

So we want to know:  

  • What do you do for Easter baskets (or other Spring-related holiday you may celebrate)? 
  • What is your price range? 
  • How does it compare to the other gift-giving holidays (Christmas/Hanukkah, birthdays, etc)? 
  • What is your philosophy when it comes to gift-giving and your kids?

Whether you opt for homemade or store-bought, free or expensive - I hope you have a festive Spring Break!


  1. Ugh..way too much. I share your philosophy with minimizing candy, especially since they get that from other family members. This year, my baskets are approaching $65 each, but include spring necessities that I would be buying otherwise...some highlights include hello kitty crocs, vintage smurfs tee shirts from old navy, are you there god it's me margaret book, spanish bingo game, and spring coloring books. My candy was purchased at the Lancaster Ave farmers market in Wayne. I spent mite on Easter than Valentine Day, but no where near my Santa bill..again, focusing on fun spring necessities like clothes and cute shoes, with bits of candy and educational games. My baskets as a kid were filled with copious amounts of candy which I refuse to EVER do!

  2. We're desperately trying to start the tradition where the Easter Bunny only brings books. Try as I might she winds up getting candy from friends, neighbors, and relatives, (most of which I throw out anyhow while ahe's sleeping), so I don't feel like she needs to get anymore from me. I'll probably spend $25 or so on books... Whatever it costs so that she gets 4 -5 of them. M is really excited about it. She's been talking about what books she hopes she gets to her little friends at church. I hope this lasts even when she's not 3!

  3. At the risk of sounding like a horrid Catholic, I admit: I hate Easter. It's my least favorite holiday. Granted, I enjoy the reflective time of Lent but Easter itself - meh. With all its pastel colors, baby animals, scary bunnies, yucky cream filled eggs, and similar secularness that surrounds other holidays, it just annoys me. I didn't used to feel like this...there was a time, like pre-college graduation maybe, that I still loved it, more for the time of rest and to see family. And I still love the family and the food...just not all the Martha Stewart version of the holiday.

    There is no getting around the fakeness and scariness of that mall bunny...it borders on scary clown. So, M has never had a pic with the Bunny, we dye eggs at the 11th hour, and his baskets were a few jelly beans, malted milk balls, sticker books and a Dr. Suess book, and a stuffed animal. Likely, under $15. And no freakin Peeps!!!

    But now that the boy is 4, I do feel like I can't deprive him of all Easter things ;) So this year, we again dye eggs at the 11th hour and he will participate in a local egg hunt for the first time this Saturday. I think at nearly 4, he'll appreciate it. But no Bunny pic. And the basket is a little candy, several books and some art supplies.

    One of these days I just want to celebrate Passover. Do a swap for a year???

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