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December 13, 2011

Fashion Help: Old Navy Dolman Top

I know it's been slow with posts recently. Not on purpose, might I add.  But I've always maintained that when I have nothing to say, I won't just conjure something up or put pressure on myself to write something. 

Because that's not how we roll here on this blog.

And really, it's not fair to you to sift through rubbish posts just because I need to vomit something up on the screen. So really, I'm looking out for your best interests.

That said, more posts to come.


I need fashion help. Again.

So, I have a secret: tomorrow is my birthday.


And not just ANY birthday, but my 30th birthday!

Am I agonizing over age, growing older and the first number changing from a 2 to a 3? Heck no!  I think 30 is badass.  So I'm kind of excited.  Because 29 is so last year.

All that to say, my wonderful mother-in-law had a sweet birthday dinner for me on Sunday, complete with presents (!!!), which consisted of MUCH NEEDED new cake pans and cookie sheets (as my previous ones had been pierced by knives and other things that ought not touch non-stick pans, leading to rust and the leaching of toxins into our food and ultimately our bodies. This message brought to you by CDC).

She also graciously gifted me 2 cute shirts from Old Navy. One of the shirts is a cute off-white long sleeved top with a ruffle down the center.  The other is a super chic maroon Dolman top, which is flowy and open, with a cinched waist. It's so stinkin' cool.

And I, in all of my unfashionable glory, have no. idea. how. to. wear. it.

At all.  

Like - do I wear it with a tank top underneath? Or maybe layer it under a cardigan - or would that look strange?  Can I wear long sleeves underneath it?  A turtleneck (too 80's?) Is it best with skinny jeans? A skirt?  Leggings?

What shoes?

Hold me.

So here is a picture of the shirt:

Now please help me be cool. 



  1. I would suggest pairing it with skinny/slender cut jeans and cute boots! That's how I wear my dolman sleeved tops :) Good luck!

  2. Please don't wear it with a turtle neck. I think it'd be cute with any jeans. And if you want to wear it with a skirt it should be a pencil skirt. Its super cute so have fun with it!

  3. Skinny jeans with boots or flats!

  4. Skinny jeans and flats for sure! I'd also suggest a long necklace and some bangles.

  5. I usually wear the shirt along with jeans, and the result is good especially the purple color is very attractive at all


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