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October 19, 2011

Review and Giveaway: Sandra Lee's Money Saving Meals & Round 2 Recipes

I have not kept my love of cookbooks a secret on this blog. Some of you may even consider it an obsession.

Well.  Fine then.

If there is anything that comes in as a close second to my love for cookbooks, it's my love of the Food Network. I could watch that channel all day.  And, perhaps I have, at times, had it running off and on all day long.  Little Chica even enjoys catching a show or two.  This 3-year old can become mesmerized by the listing and mixing of ingredients, drawing in a dramatic breath at the final reveal of a dish straight from the oven.

That's why I love her.

So when Hyperion asked if I'd be interested not only in reviewing Sandra Lee's new book, but giving 2 lucky blog readers a book as well, I jumped at the chance!

Money Savings Meals and Round 2 Recipes is a great cookbook for any family looking to put quality meals on the table while also being wise with their money. In this economy, is there any family who isn't?  The book is very straight-forward: clean design, easy to read, and simple to understand.

The premise of each section is to provide recipes that involve money-saving tips (such as using cheaper cuts of meat, creating your own baking mix, etc).  Each meal that is put together is also accompanied by "Round 2 Meals" - which are essentially ways to utilize the leftover ingredients OR the leftover meal itself.  For example, Slow Cooker Short Ribs with a side of Mushroom Walnut Tarts becomes Beef and Mushroom Soup.


I like that all the ingredients are being completely used, which appeals to my efficient nature. And I am dying to save more money.  Sandra (we're on a first name basis, didn't you know?), in her introduction, encourages readers to save money by "Check(ing) Sales...(Utilizing) Club Stores...and Couponing."

All in all, you can't beat a book that shares scrumptious recipes (I seriously cannot wait to try many of them) AND saves you money.

So....who wants to win a copy?

Not one but TWO of my beloved and faithful readers will win their own copy of Sandra Lee's Money Saving Meals and Round 2 Recipes! I'm not going to give you 1,000 hoops to jump through here.  All you have to do is fill out the form below.  That's it.  You don't have to "fan" anything or "like" anything (I know y'all like me already, right?), unless you REALLY want more chances to win. In that case, I'll throw in 5 bonus entries, which you can note on the form below.

Here are the specific details:

1) Giveaway will run until this Monday, October 24, at midnight.

2) Winner must live in the the Continental United States (Sorry, Hawaii and Alaska...and anything else that constitutes not continental).

3) If you are local (within the Philly area), please be willing to meet me in a designated place for pick up.  Sorry, that sounds lame.  But I'm picking up the cost for shipping, so...yeah. I'd like to not have to pay shipping. Can you blame me?  If you are not local, I'm happy to ship it to you.  That's how much I love you guys.

4) I will choose winners via We run only above-board operations here! No sneaky sneak stuff.

5) I will contact both winners, and if they do not reply, I will pick another winner. And so on and so forth.

So, if you'd like to take home your copy, fill out the form below.

Good luck!

::This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!!::

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  1. So just an aside- I do read your blog. Im not able to post comments because 1) for some reason when i leave a comment and have to go log in and come back - it won't post. i have blogger problems and give up. and 2) 95% of the time I read it on my phone and even though i'm marrying a sprint rep my phone suuuuuuucks. But I love the blog and pulled it up at the store today to get the ingredients for the pumpkin muffins for Muffins for Moms (don't ask why a mom is baking for the event lol)


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