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August 25, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Weather Channel...

I love you.  When I was young, I was quite the weather nerd.  I remember distinctly being in fourth grade, and spending my summer watching The Weather Channel. For hours at a time.  Like in the same way some kids compulsively watch cartoons. This is saying a lot, since 1 hour of the Weather Channel is pretty much the same stuff over and over. But not to me.  No, I was so fascinated by the forecasting, the radars, the maps, the national weather outlook, and how things could change in an instant.

Don't judge me.

You are my go-to Weather source.  Hands down. So when I got a droid in April, I immediately starting using your Weather Channel widget. I loved that the weather was always visible on my home screen, and with a quick click on the button, I am able see the weather for the next week.  Minute by minute temperature reads, severe weather notices.  

It's awesome.

I always check the weather as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. It's how I start my day.  The moment I wake up, before putting my feet on the floor, I grab my phone off the nightstand, wake it up, and see what the weather is forecasted to bring to day.  

This morning, my cute little widget was all....

Which to me, translated, means...

So you can imagine my surprise when the following takes place, in no particular order:

Thanks for a great morning.



PS -  It's still cloudy. In case you were wondering.

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