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August 18, 2011

Best of the Best: TV Show from the 80's

Between music, television and movies, there are so many discussions worth having.  We all have opinions on these topics, and there is nothing better than connecting (or arguing) with others over media.  Am I right? So I'm here to start conversations about the Best of the Best - television shows, movies, songs, musicians, bands - the list goes on and on.

And I want you to get in on it.

How it will work: I'll share my thoughts on what I think is the Best of the Best, and then I'll turn to you.  Leave me your thoughts and opinions.  And the next day I'll post the Readers Choice: Top 5 .


Today's topic:

80's TV shows

I confess this category was inspired by my recent discovery of Jem on the HUB TV network. Maybe it was because I was a kid in the 80's, but I have many fond memories of television from my childhood.  Maybe it was because my parents allowed me to watch a destructive amount of TV as a kid.  

TV: It's made me what I am today.

There are plenty of TV topics to cover, and believe me, we'll cover them all.  I'll start broad today just to get us warmed up, and in the coming weeks get more specific..  

It was hard to choose only 10.  And these, of course, are angled more from my own viewership.  But, in my humble opinion, these are the Top 10 Best of the Best TV Shows from the 80's...

10. The Facts of Life

Did you not want to go to boarding school with these girls? Not to mention the young Mackenzie Astin.

9. Perfect Strangers

This is one of those shows that I wish were still on today.  Sure, it'd be probably pretty weird if Perfect Strangers was running for 20 years.  But it was so good.  Cousin Larry "App-leh-ton" and Balki Bartokomous were such a great odd couple.  And it was part of the near-to-my-heart TGIF.

8. Growing Pains

One of my favorite TV theme songs ever.  I wanted to be a Seaver.  Because the Seaver's had it all.  Including Leonardo DiCaprio.

7. ALF

In retrospect, this was a strange show.  Especially since ALF ate cats. How did PETA let them get away with that?  Something about the fact that there were cute furry creatures somewhere far away in a little land called Melmac was comforting to me.  Instead of evil creatures like this.

6. Small Wonder

This little gem might have totally flown under your radar back in the day.  But the chick was a robot. Who could, like, stop time.  #Thatisall.

5. Family Ties

I feel like this show was iconic, tackling many social and even political issues of the 80's.  The writers of Family Ties also did some creative episodes, which I appreciate.

4. The A-Team

I pity the fool who missed this show.  And really, if you are from America, is that even possible?

3. MacGyver

My love for this show and Richard Dean Anderson is no secret.  But this show kicked butt.  And it made me want to kick butt.  It made me wish I was smart enough to make a blow torch out of an orange, an egg and a match.  And if MacGyver was president, no one would ever want to mess with us.

2. Full House

What child of the 80's didn't spend their Friday night's watching Full House (and the other various TGIF line ups)?  The Tanners are the quintessential All-American family.  And that house was like a clown car. How many people did they fit in that house?!?

1. The Wonder Years

Wonder Years is, hands down, one of my favorite shows of all time.  Covering everything from life to family to friends to politics, this show had it all.  I was enamored with the years of on-again-off-again romantic tension between Kevin and Winnie. I loved the camaraderie between Kevin and Paul.  I appreciated the difficult dynamic displayed in the Arnold household.  I learned about the political, cultural and social climate of that era. And it is the only show that could make me cry, week after week.  I <3 you, Wonder Years.

So there you have it!  The Best of the Best 80's TV Shows.  I know I missed many, or you may dispute some of my choices.  Now I want you to chime in! Leave a comment here or on the CSHM Facebook page with YOUR top 5 choices for Best 80's TV Show.  Your choices can be from this list, or share one that I completely overlooked!  I will tally the responses and compile the first Readers Choice Top 5

Looking forward to hearing your top picks!


  1. Great post! I agree with all of your selections, with 1 minor adjustment; Growing Pains would be in my top 3 because I had the biggest crush on Kirk Cameron. But I have to say, Leo pushed my devotion over the edge. *swoon*

  2. I have to say, I think you nailed it. These were truly great shows, that shaped my TV viewing in the 80's. You forgot "Cheers" though, which is a classic!


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