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July 11, 2011

Simple Supper Monday, Vol. 69: Crockpot BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I can confirm today's recipe is awesome. Because I just tried it today. And it was awesome.

I'm not sure how I came across it. I believe I was perusing the internet for new recipes, and somehow I ended up on  And wouldn't you know it, I had a pork roast in the freezer that I needed to use.  Perfect!  

A few weeks ago I shared how we only just started cooking pork again.  We've mainly been sticking to pork chops, but when these pork roasts were on sale not long ago, I decided to pick one up.  I had no recipes indexed for this cut of meat, and coming across this recipe was providential.


Other things I love about this recipe:

  • Easy
  • Healthy 
  • Crock Pot
  • Few ingredients
  • A caveman could do it
  • Feeds a bunch of people
  • Easy

If that's not enough encouragement to try this recipe, I'm not sure what is.


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Simple Supper Monday


  • lbs pork roast (shoulder or butt)

  • large onions

  • cup ginger ale

  • 1 (18 ounce) bottle favorite barbecue sauce (I like Sweet Baby Ray's)

  • barbecue sauce, for serving (optional)

  • 1) Slice one onion and place in crock pot.

    2) Put in the roast and cover with the other onion, sliced. Pour over the ginger ale. Cover and cook on LOW for about 12 hours.

    3) Remove the meat, strain and save the onions, discard all liquid. With two forks, shred the meat, discarding any remaining fat, bones or skin. Most of the fat will have melted away.

    4) Return the shredded meat and the onions to the crock pot, stir in the barbecue sauce. Continue to cook for another 4 to 6 hours on LOW.

    5) Serve with hamburger buns or rolls and additional barbecue sauce. Any leftovers freeze very well.

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    1)  As many of you may know, my Crock Pot has a vendetta against me, and has recently begun cooking things more quickly (ie: overcooking or burning).  So my cooking time was a quarter of what was shared above (the author of this recipe did say they have a very old crock pot, so if you have a newer one, I'd encourage you to try a shorter time as well).  I cooked the pork roast for 4 hours with the onions and ginger ale and about 2 hours with the sauce.

    2) Make sure you shred it well, so more of the meat picks up the BBQ sauce.

    3) Cook the roast long enough so it is tender, so it will be easier to shred!

    We shared the Pulled Pork with my in-laws, and everyone had good things to say.  Even for 4 adults (and 1 picky preschooler), there was plenty of leftover. And I used a 2.5 lb roast!

    Have a good week!  If you have recipes worth trying and sharing with the rest of the community, email me!

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