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March 29, 2011

It Could be Really Good...Or Really Lame

We interrupt this blog to bring you some frivolous but important stuff:

This week, Grey's Anatomy is taking the plunge and having a "musical" episode.

Like...a MUSICAL musical.

It's quite controversial.

So, some people have been a fan of Grey's Anatomy for a long time. They saw the very first episode when it premiered 6 years ago (almost to the day). They agonized over the on-again-off-again romance between Meredith Grey and Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd. They followed the confusing maze of every other affair and relationship the show offered. They cried when George died. They went through the 5 stages of grief when Izzy had cancer, then survived a risky surgery, then left Alex (and the show). They've accepted new interns as they've found their niche (and booty calls) at Seattle Grace.

They've been there through it all.

I'm not one of those people.

I resisted Grey's Anatomy for a while, much like I resisted reading The Twilight Series (although my current feelings on the book series, though, is fodder for another post all together. Soon to come). Eventually, Grey's became syndicated on Lifetime during Little Chica's nap time, and I happen to catch a few episodes here and there. I became intrigued, then hooked, until I'd caught myself up, starting with Season 1 and ending with the rogue gunman shooting Derek in the Season 6 finale (oops. Spoiler alert?). I started Season 7 with the rest of the fan base (which has, as I understand, been ebbing and flowing with the exit and entrance of old and new characters over the course of the series).

That brings us to this week's episode, which will be a unique experience: a musical. The cast will be taking some artistic license, as the story of Callie and Arizona's accident from last week plays out to iconic songs from the series history..

Now first let me say this: I LOVE MUSICALS. Proper, Broadway musicals. I love going to the theatre and seeing a show (yet to make it to actual Broadway...but it's on my to-do list). I love the soundtracks. I may or may not have created a Pandora station completely designated to Musical Theatre. Rent. Les Mis. Phantom of the Opera. Wicked. Once Upon a Mattress. I. Love. It.

I'm a bit iffy, though, if Grey's will be able to pull this off. It's bold. And they are taking a risk. It will either be SUPER AWESOME. Or it will be SUPER LAME-O.

I am anxiously awaiting for Thursday. I want to know Callie's fate. I am interested to see if the cast of Grey's can actually carry a tune. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from other Grey's Anatomy fans:

What do you think of the story line that
Callie has been in a potentially fatal accident at Arizona's hand?

Will the Musical Episode be AWESOME or AWFUL?

Leave a comment to weigh in!

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  1. I think it'll be awesome, and I can't wait! I don't watch Grey's for it's realistic storyline, so a musical show is perfect for me. I remember the songs when they were used the first time around and am super excited to see how they do them for this show. Grey's has yet to disappoint me, and I don't think it'll start now. As far as the storyline goes, I knew something big was coming as soon as I heard Addison was coming back. When I watched last week I saw the crash coming a mile away. As soon as she took off her seatbelt I knew it was bad news. Not that I'm hoping for it, but if she loses the baby it might open the door for Lexi and Mark again. That I'd like to see.
    I hope it lives up to your expectations.


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