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December 3, 2010

It's the most Photogenic Time of Year...

Is it just me, or do camera's click away more this time of year than any other time of year? I get it - it's a special time of year, with lots of memories to be made and cherished for decades to come.

Many of you know that I wasn't the most photogenic child growing up. Exhibit 1:

Don't adjust your screens, folks. This is a picture from 1985. No, that is not a little boy. That is me. In all my gender-neutrally clothed glory. The haircut? Standard for the first 7-10 years of my life. The nose picking? I have no comment.

I blame this on my parents. Between keeping my hair cut perfectly short (helmet bangs and all), and dressing me like a somewhat girly version of Napolean Dynomite, it's truly a miracle that I have matured into the wonderful, social, functioning and normal adult that I am today.

So as you can imagine, my parents weren't quick to send out photo cards of us during the holidays, as many of our photos from the 80's resembled something out of Awkward Family Photos.

I'd have been hesitant to showcase my family too.

Luckily, I have a family of my own now. We keep our hair neat, our clothes updated, and our photos as photogenic as humanly possible. Last year, we decided to send our first Family Photo Card, utilizing the great resources at Shutterfly.

I did a lot of shopping around online for the best variety and best prices. Shutterfly won, hands down. They are always offering great deals, and I found it hard to choose just ONE design for our card. After so many years of awful family photos, I needed our holiday card to shine.

And possibly make people forget how un-photogenic we used to be.

We went with the postcard style, and it suited us well. For those of you out there who prefer something you can open, Shutterfly also offers the folded cards that open with a message. And I'm pretty tempted to try to get in some last minute gifts by making a wall calendar for some friends and family on their website.

It's just awesome.

Even better? They run awesome promotions. One of which is to bloggers who blog about this can get 50 free Holiday Cards. Which I may or may not be cashing in on RIGHT NOW.

But in all honesty, promotion or not, I was utterly happy with my experience with Shutterfly and the holiday cards we made on their site last year. We will be using them again this year.

And hopefully our cards won't make it on to

Happy Holidays!

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