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December 3, 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

I know, it's been a while.

I've started a lot of my posts over the past few months this way. I know this is MY blog, and there is really no need to apologize. And with the circumstances in my life over the past few months (moving, pregnancy, energetic toddler to wrangle, etc), it's understandable that I don't get much space in my day to blog.

::sigh:: And I miss it.

I miss posting recipes. In all honesty, because of how busy life has been (and how TIRED I've been. Goodness, I did NOT remember being so tired with my first pregnancy), I've been sticking with the same old tried and true recipes on rotation. It's just easier that way. And sometimes we eat out. So sue me.

Recently, I've been branching out, pulling out my trusty cookbooks, dusting them off, and scouring the pages for something new and exciting. I've found a few, and I promise to post them one of these Mondays. Can you imagine? A NEW Simple Supper Monday post?

The earth may just fall off it's axis.

I've also had a lot on my mind. Mostly just life in general: being the parent of a toddler, becoming the parent of 2 kids, having a newborn again, adjusting to a new town and a new house, being a wife, etc. Sometimes I have so many thoughts in my head, it's almost paralyzing to try to arrange them and post them. Although, I'd imagine it would be benefical to my mind if I did this sometimes. Perhaps I'll try soon.

You know, when life stops being busy.

That was a joke.

So thanks for sticking around. I'd imagine if you are reading this, you are sticking around. I have a few gems to post soon - so check back in.

I might just surprise you and actually post.

Have a good weekend!


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