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July 20, 2010

I can't help but wonder....

Sometimes you come across the creation from some artist, and it stops you. It makes you think. It begs questions to be asked.

Recently, I have had the incredible urge to sit down with this artist over lunch and just ask...

What the what????!?!?

This comes from putting this song onto a mix CD I listen to in my car:

Either the deep cultural and philosophical signifance of this song is completely beyond me, or...I don't even know what.

Is it English? German? A historical account? A premonition of the future?

The world may never know.



  1. Judging by the video, I would say it's a commentary on how Mozart's music transcends both time and culture. However, it would have been a lot more meaningful had Falco actually woven in some of Mozart's music into his song, thereby solidifying his thesis. C-.

  2. All I can say with "what's the what???" is that's the same question that popped into my head when I watched the video. I got curious with it so had to watch it,.hehe!


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