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May 28, 2010

Holiday Cookout Menus and Recipes!

For all of you out there who will be grilling and eating and swimming and enjoying friends and family this holiday weekend, I thought I'd re-post my 3 Holiday Cookout Menus. Next year I might fashion some new and improved recipes for BBQ's, but I'm really loving the present menus.

Head over to the 2009 Memorial Day Cookout Menu. Check out the top (or click on them here) for links to the July 4th and Labor Day menu's as well for more recipes. That's 3 different menu options - so feel free to mix and match! And if YOU have a good cookout recipe, send it my way - I'd be happy to add it to this post!

What are YOU cooking for Memorial Day?
I would love to hear about it! So leave a comment below!

Happy Grilling!

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