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April 27, 2010

Our House = Island of Creepy Misfit Toys

While it is difficult at times to not be autonomous, I will be the first to say it has been a super huge blessing to be temporarily living with my mom. I'd like to think the situation is mutually beneficial: We get to save money and even have some help with Little Chica, while my mom (who works her butt off all week) gets help with cleaning and fixing stuff around the house.

That being said, there are certain things we do not see eye to eye on. Some of these things are superficial: my mom (who cleans houses as a part time job) uses really harsh chemicals to clean (and by "harsh chemicals" I mean a mixture of ammonia and bleach, which Hubby insists is the same thing as Agent Orange, if broken down physically). I prefer more natural cleaning methods. Preferably ones that do not involve noxious fumes. Or the possibility of melting my skin off.

Other issues, though, are more ominous.

::Sigh:: So, my mom likes stuffed animals and dolls. Not in a weird way, but in a collectible kind of way. There are assorted teddy bears placed around the house, as well as bunny rabbits and pretty little dolls.

And then one day, I found this thing sitting precariously upon the coffee table in the living room:

Tell me this beast is not the stuff of your nightmares. Dolls like this have haunted my imagination as far back as elementary school, when the movie Child's Play brought to life the horrible reality that my average playthings could in fact become demon possessed and kill people.

Don't we all worry about these things? Anyone?

So you can imagine my horror upon coming downstairs one morning to find this Creature of the Dark greeting me with it's cold, soulless eyes.

No, I take that back. I am certain this doll has a soul. A black, marred, demonic soul. Just as I am certain that it most likely slithers off the coffee table in the dead of night, and creeps up the stairs to my room just to watch me sleep.

We have to get my mom a new taste in collectibles.



  1. LOL! That thing would haunt my dreams too.

  2. OMG. Put that thing AWAY before she steals your soul!

    My grandmother once gave me a doll that scared the bejeesus out of me. I kept her all the way in the back of my closet, face down on the shelf. She was that creepy.

  3. ::shudder:: Sometimes I am sure it is in a different position or in a different place than it was last left. I am never buying dolls again.

  4. Once in a while after watching a horror movie, I revert to not liking standing next to beds. This is because there's a scene in one of those Child's Play movies where Chucky slices into Andy's Achilles' heel with a knife from under the bed frame.

    I don't really have a problem with dolls, though. More the idea of something unseen I think. Which is why I also don't like closing my eyes in the shower after watching a freaky flick, thanks to Psycho and its bajillion contemporary copycats.

  5. What?! She's precious... her hair is a little scary and perhaps her eyes have a scared look about her because of "you"... having such an ill-will about her.

    Come on... just trying to put a little soul back into her. ;)
    I'm sure she was made with lots of love.

  6. lol...(I can't help but add a second comment here).

    Give her a smile or two every now and then, maybe she'll warm up to you... or you to her. ;)

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