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April 19, 2010

Earth Day GIVEAWAY and Review: Marcal Paper Products

I was contacted not long ago by Marcal, a company that makes household paper products (such as paper towels, facial tissues, toilet paper, etc). I've seen their products in stores, and have used them in my home. I was informed that Marcal has come out with "Small Steps," an eco-friendly, 100% Premium Recycled version of their products. Being as I am on a journey to "greenify" my life, I was excited to try out their stuff.

It arrived last week, and we've been using the products around the house. I appreciate that these products dispel any misgivings some people might have about "green" products. One of those misgivings is that green products are somehow LESS efficient at what they do (ie: being absorbent). If you fall into this category, you'll happily find that these products work just as well as your usual paper products - and you can feel good knowing they are good for the environment! Another misgiving many have is that eco-friendly products cost a LOT more than their non-green counterparts. From personal shopping experience, I have found the Small Steps products to be competitively priced, if not sometimes the less expensive option. It is great having earth-friendly options for your household that don't break your budget!

In honor of Earth Day, Marcal is sponsoring a giveaway to one of my readers! The winner will receive a Marcal Small Steps Starter Kit (valued at $25), which includes a smattering of the eco-friendly paper towels, toilet paper and facial tissues. This would be a great way to kick-start your own Green Journey, or encourage the one you've already started!

Ways to Enter Giveaway:

1) Leave ONE comment below, sharing one step (or more!) that you are taking to become more Green. Please leave your name and email address.

2) Become a follower of this blog. Leave a message stating that you are! Please leave your name and email address.

3) Blog about this Giveaway, and leave a link-back to your post! Please leave your name and email address.

There you have it - 3 easy ways to win! Please leave a separate comment for every entry, one time only for each.

The Giveaway will run from today (4/19) until Wednesday (4/21) at noon. Winner will be contacted thereafter and announced on Earth Day (Thursday, April 22).

Are you impressed I used the word "thereafter?" Yeah. Me too.

Happy Winning, and Happy Earth Week!


  1. Would love to try these products....we are planting a vegetable garden in our yard to "greenify."

    Jen Gould (Entry #1)

  2. I follow your blog in Google Reader.

    Jen Gould (Entry #2)

  3. Nice! We've switched to cloth napkins entirely. Just picked up some more at a thrift store. It's harder to let go of the paper towels though...

  4. We've transitioned to cloth napkins, rags and hankies. During allergy season and when draining bacon, though, it's nice to have tissues and paper towels!

  5. We have started to recycle more this year

  6. Rob's garden which I can take no credit for :)

  7. i try to use washable wipes instead of paper towels all the time. so hard though!

  8. Awesome giveaway. I use the Small Steps line almost exclusively in our house! Shannon at Chester County Moms.

  9. Now that the weather is nice, we're biking to work/church.
    scrhill at gmail dot com

  10. i follow your blog!
    scrhill at gmail dot com

  11. Marcal is the biggest air and water polluter in the state of New Jersey. They have been fined almost a billion dollars by the EPA, and do much more harm than good. They filed Chapter 11 to avoid paying for the clean up, and also used it as an opportunity to break their union contract. Nice guys, huh? Then when they emerged from bankruptcy, they painted themselves green. For them to claim to be a green, eco-friendly company is a joke, as well as a lie.

  12. All of us at Marcal welcome valid criticism and open discussion on blogs (and everywhere), but we want you to know that this anonymous poster also known as “Jackie” "Sally" "Hank" "Henry" "Nick" and "Jenny" (clearly the same cut and paste response based on each posts similarity to past unfair critiques) leaves comments like the one here anytime he or she sees something written about us…and leaves them anonymously or from a variety of different names, so there is no way we can get in touch and set the facts straight. The phrases used are always very similar, the kind of pattern that almost shouts, ”spam campaign.” This kind of nameless attack isn’t in the open spirit of blogs, and we think it’s a disservice to readers and to our hard-earned reputation. The simple fact is that we make our products in a manufacturing system designed to minimize our environmental impact. We invite the person making these attacks to come pay us a visit; we have noting to hide! We think our actions speak for themselves; otherwise, why would a group like the NRDC cite our factory in a discussion of companies leading the way environmentally in the New York metro area? ( Marcal didn’t recently “paint itself green.” We’ve been using recycled paper since 1950, long before green was in. As for the lawsuit, it was settled with no admission of wrong doing, enabling the company to emerge from bankruptcy to protect and grow jobs under a new owner and management team that understands that, if you are going to market yourself as green, you better do things right. Are we perfect? Of course not, but we are always striving to be better. We invite anyone with questions about our practices to contact us at


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