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March 2, 2010

Meatless Meals, Vol 9: Easy Tortellini Salad

No, I did not forget about you, friends. My post is a bit late because I've been out since roughly 9am, and only just returned! I was visiting Jen and then spent dinner at my in-law's to celebrate my Father In-Law's birthday. Happy Birthday, Papa A!

So as not to duplicate, I will be linking to the post I wrote for the Chester County Moms blog. It is simple AND meatless. So for anyone out there trying to reduce meat in your diet (or you gave it up for Lent), head on over to my Tasty Tuesday post for this awesomely delicious tortellini recipe!

(PS - Don't be offended that it is super simple. I'm not questioning your intelligence. But as the post reads, sometimes the best recipes are overlooked because they seem TO simple. Just try it, and you'll see!)

I have another great Tortellini recipe that I will share with you next week (can someone remind me?). You won't want to miss it! Have a good night!

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  1. Hi! I am new to the blogging world (of stay at home moms!) and was just enjoying your page! I look foward to reading in the future! Thanks!
    PS....I love to cook and we are going to start our first veggie garden this year! Look foward to all your recipes and gardening adventures!


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