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February 18, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Mother Nature (Again):

I'm not sure if this is due to your boredom with the Winter Weather, and your need to spice up things a bit. You certainly had your kicks with the last few snowstorms you threw our way.

But hear me on this: Waking up to find one of these on my pillow?

So not cute.

Especially considering the recent confession regarding my feelings toward these scum of the earth (see #4).

I mean, come on. It was on my pillow. It could have touched my hair. Or crawled into my mouth.


I'm going to go and take another shower.

My patience with your antics is wearing thin. Consider yourself warned.

Sincerely Yours,


  1. I HATE THOSE THINGS!!!! I had the exterminator at my house the other day and he said there is nothing to be done about them. They have been crawling into the vents in my house to die so every time the heat comes on my house smells like stink bugs...YUCK! I probably would have showered in scalding hot water and ripped the sheets off the bed and thrown them in a sanitary wash.

  2. Dear Stephanie:
    I am so sorry for your traumatic experience. I know there is little that can be said to ease the heebie jeebies you feel but please know my thoughts are with you.


  3. There is something to be done & it works! Go to a garden store (Agway here in WC has this stuff) and buy concentrated ortho max. You put it in a pump sprayer & serious hose the entire exterior of your house with this stuff in the spring. There will be dead stink bugs all over the ground outside your house and few if any indoors. We've used this 2 years running and it works. I don't know why the exterminators aren't aware of it!

    Now I will gross you out & tell you we were at a dinner party, and the hostess had one of these nasty beasts land on her food & she put it in her mouth before she realized it was there! I'm gagging a little thinking about it.

    GOOD LUCK & use the ORTHO!!!!!

  4. Ewwwww! I don't freak out easily, but I think finding that next to me on my pillow would have done it.



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