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February 17, 2010

Mommy Advice Wanted

Ok. So I know that this may be a weird question for me to throw out to any parents who might be reading this. I also know that if any of my friends or close family members are reading this, they will inevitable roll their eyes and shake their heads and momentarily disown me for being ridiculous.

(This happens, on average, at least 3 times a day).

So here is my question:

Little Chica is a healthy 18 months old (the doctor assured me this today at her 18-month check up). She eats (somewhat) well (this will be fodder for another Mommy Advice post. Probably soon. So stay tuned). When she started getting teeth, we, as every good parent should, started brushing her teeth. Initially, we weren't as consistent about it (she had like 2 teeth). The more teeth she got, the more consistent we became. Now that she has most of her teeth, she gets a teeth brushing twice a day.

But she has bad breath.

I'm not talking about "oh, she just ate" bad breath. I'm talking eggs. Dirty diapers. At first, I didn't think the smell came from her. I've been known to have a sensitive sniffer, so I tried to convince myself that there was no way my beautiful little girl's mouth could smell like roadkill. The bad breath is a recent development, and it's freaking me out. Hubby rolled his eyes, shook his head, and disowned me over my ridiculousness. But my Mommy Instinct won't let it go.

So that's my question: is this normal? Have other parents experienced this? Am I not brushing well enough? Should I be concerned? She doesn't even eat eggs????

Thanks for refraining from eye rolling. And head shaking. And disowning. And not thinking I am too ridiculous.

I hope you come back. Otherwise this blog would be a dark and lonely place.

I look forward to hearing every thought any of you might be willing to share! So leave a comment!


  1. I haven't experienced that with our little ones, but I did wonder if you are brushing her tongue, as well? I know that helps with adults.

    What did the pediatricin have to say?

  2. Wait. I should clarify. My kids do have bad breath at times - not chroniclly though.

  3. First things that come to mind: Frequent binky-user? Dehydration?
    Throat infection you don't know of?

  4. One thing that came to mind- does she drink milk immediately before naps and bed?

  5. Steph.. just read "25 Random Things.." perhaps #17 has something to do with this concern?
    :-) Laura Bo

  6. My kids have stinky breath sometimes too, I don't worry about it too much though. You might want to think about taking her to a dentist. I take Cameron to a great group over by the hospital. Check out Chester County Dentistry for Children, they ROCK!

  7. Ok. I know this sounds weird, but try brushing her tongue as well. ( i mean, if you can. It might be hard since she is a toddler.)

    The same principles apply to toddlers as they do adult as well. (for the most part). Bacteria and other gross stuff can get stuck on tongue).

    This is embarrasing, but jack told me I had bad breath after I brushed my teeth still, and told me to brush my tongue as well. It helped a lot.

    But then again, i'm not brushing an 18 month old's mouth. Hope it helps!


    Aunt Ya-ya/La-la/Lissa

  8. Second the tongue brushing.

    Kiel wakes up with some nasty morning breath (27 months).

    He hates having his teeth brushed. It's always such a struggle.


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