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January 2, 2010

Looking For A Book...

Hi Friends!

I'm taking recommendations for a book about eating in season (eating the vegetables and fruits that are presently in season during each season, throughout the year).

I'd be open to cookbooks or reference/informational books.

Any recommendations?


  1. I'm very into this concept..."Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver is excellent. It's a mixture of recipes and short expositions about food scattered throughout a fascinating narrative of her family's year of eating only local seasonal food. "A Well-Seasoned Appetite: Recipes for Eating with The Seasons, The Senses, and The Soul" by Molly O'Neill is wonderful, too.

  2. AWESOME! That is a GREAT starting point! Thank you, Ali! We're going to go book shopping soon - and I want some books on seasonal eating and vegetable gardening (I've heard The Vegetable Gardener's Bible is supposed to be good, as well as the Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden)

  3. animal vegetable miracle by barbara kingsolver


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