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December 8, 2009

Why It Pays to be Frugal...and Born...

I can't believe my 1 Year Blogging Anniversary is coming up next month! It seems like only yesterday I fumbled to open a blog on Blogger, searching my brain for a name that wasn't too dorky (but didn't seem to involved), and struggling over WHAT TO POST?? I didn't even know how to make a CUSTOM HEADER.



Speaking of "anniversary," I have recently been reminded of one of my first posts. The post was my first attempt at a Frugal Friday write up. Feel free to go back and read it, but to sum it up, I wrote about the benefit of signing up for Restaurant Email Clubs.

Now, I realize some of you can't be bothered by signing up for Email Clubs. You don't like getting emails regularly from these establishments, especially when they are only informative and do no offer coupons.

I don't mind this. If there is nothing money-saving about an email, I just delete it. All of the places I receive emails from do NOT spam me to death with pointless emails. At most, I get MAYBE one a week. And MANY of them involve something like "$5 off your next meal of $25 or more" or "15% off your check." Not bad. Especially if I want to eat out that week.

Next Monday is my birthday. Yes, I will gladly accept all gifts. Not only is Monday my birthday, but Tuesday is my anniversary! (I gave HUBBY the gift of only needing to remember 1 week of the year, so he never forgets birthdays and anniversaries. He is grateful.)

Here is why I LOVE Restaurant Email Clubs. So far (and my birthday is still a week away), I have received 5 Birthday coupons.


And they are NOT shabby.

Here is the run down:

Brickside Grille (local restaurant TOTALLY WORTH VISITING) - 1 free dessert

Applebees - 1 Free ENTREE with the purchase of a second

Dairy Queen - 1 free 16 oz Blizzard with the purchase of a second

Buca di Beppo - complimentary dessert

Red Robin - free gourmet burger AND free birthday sundae (this is a legit coupon, not the fraudulent coupon that the website's disclaimer is about)

(While I was posting this, ANOTHER one popped up in my inbox! A FREE handcrafted burger from Ruby Tuesday).

I don't keep track of all the Email Clubs I am signed up for, but I will not be surprised if I receive more between now and then. I can eat out several times for my birthday thanks to these coupons, most of which don't even expire for a week or 2 after my birthday! Get ready to pack on the pounds, because I'm eating for FREE!

(I didn't mention that Brickside Grille ALSO sent me a coupon for a Free Appetizer for our anniversary. SCORE.)

Are you convinced yet? Head over to your favorite Restaurant websites and sign up! Don't forget to sign up your birthday AND anniversary dates. You can also sign up AT the restaurant when you go to eat there, in case you hate the internet.

Now, who will be helping me use my coupons the next few weeks? Any takers? :)

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  1. I love birthday coupons!!! I just have to be careful and not use all of them, or else we end up spending more money eating out than normal.

    Our anniversary is 2 days before my birthday and it def. helps...and results in a bigger present since it ends up being combined :-)


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