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August 31, 2009

WCGM: Chicken, Tuberose and Jasmine Nights

It was a nice morning at the WCGM this past Saturday: Warm, slightly overcast and full of people. This week's musician, Richard Cole and his daughter, were filling the space with happy notes and whimsical melodies. They have a distinct sound, and the only way I can describe it is "upbeat." Two things I loved about Richard Cole and Co: 1) they interacted with Market Goers, making conversation and banter; 2) they played original songs. That's talent!

I made a beeline for Lindenhof Farm as soon as I arrived. It has been a few weeks since a meat purchase at the Market, and my freezer was beginning to get bitter towards me. After discussing with Hubby what to get, we settled on a 1/2 Chicken....Click HERE to continue reading...

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