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May 6, 2009

Scrumptious Sides and Salads, Vol 3: Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries

With Grilling Season upon us (and I have quite a few main meal and side dish recipes for Grilling Season!), I wanted to share a great side dish that pairs SO WELL with grilled steak or chicken. It's pretty easy to prepare, and also has a lot of health benefits as well. I even have a picture tutorial to guide you through the steps, in case you were intimidated! This recipe is easily doubled/tripled/quadrupled. The recipe, as is below, will serve 2-4 people (depending on the appetites!)

Scrumptious Sides and Salads

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

  • 2 Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp curry
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • dash of chili powder
  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of pepper
  • 2 TBS oil

Preheat oven to 400º

1) Cut up the Sweet Potatoes into thick julienne-type strips (so it looks like a steak fry). Place the fries into a medium-sized bowl (mixing bowl is fine).

2) Mix the cumin, curry, paprika, chili powder, salt and pepper together in a small bowl.

3) Pour the 2 TBS of oil onto the Sweet Potatoes, tossing to cover. Make sure all the Sweet Potatoes are covered in the oil (if 2 TBS don't do the job, add a bit more to your discretion!).

4) Pour the cumin mixture over the sweet potatoes, tossing to combine.

5) On a cookie sheet/baking sheet (preferably with sides, but if you don't have one with sides, that is fine) sprayed with cooking spray, spread the spiced Sweet Potato Fries, being careful not to overlap the fries if possible.

6) Bake the potatoes at 400º for 30 minutes (or until golden brown), turning them once after 15 minutes (you'll hear them sizzling).

Serve them plain, with ketchup, or this AWESOME DIPPING SAUCE:

1 cup of mayonnaise
1 tsp of garlic powder
1 tsp curry
1/2 tsp black pepper.

Super Yummy! Sweet Potato Fries are a much healthier version of the normal fried Fries we so often eat. Sweet Potatoes have amazing nutritional value, and you are utilizing heart healthy Olive Oil. A great way to get your kids to eat something healthy without them knowing it!


1) If you like your fries more crispy, leave them in longer (5-10 minutes - just keep an eye on them).

2) Feel free to play with the flavors. The originial recipes I found called for 1/2 tsp less of curry and paprika, but I use an even 1 tsp for each of the spices. I also added the dash of chili powder for fun. Be bold - try cinnamon! Garlic salt! Cayenne Pepper (if you are brave!)

3) The dipping sauce is a modge-podge of a few good recipes I found - and this one tastes pretty good (much like the Bloomin' Onion sauce you'd find at Outback). I think I might have added a few drops of hot sauce too, since my hubby loves all things spicy. You could try just adding all the spices listed in the SP Fries recipe to the mayo. For a healthier kick, I used Horseradish instead of mayo - talk about a KICK! WHOA! But, if you like some spice, it's good. For those less courageous, try 1/2 cup mayo and 1/2 cup horseradish.

If you have any variations on the Fries or the Dipping Sauce PLEASE send them my way! I'm PSYCHED about Sweet Potato Fries right now, and I am willing to try any recipe that crosses my email inbox!

Do you have any good Sides or Salads, particularly ones that are well-suited for grilling or Summer? Send them my way to share with the community!

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