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May 5, 2009

Local Flavor Tuesday

When my husband and I go out on dates, it is often the same ol' "Out to Dinner" kind of evening. We pick a restaurant, wait to get seated, eat and then...go home. Very boring. Sometimes we mix it up with a movie.

One of the best places that my husband has taken me to is also one of my favorite local spots! Many towns have similiar type venues, but I'd love to think that our West Chester one is "one of a kind." :) Todays Local Flavor Highlight:

104 W. Market St West Chester, PA
(photo courtesy of www.paintedplatepottery.com)

Before we were engaged, my husband planned this fun date for us all by himself. We picked up dinner, a bottle of wine, and came to The Painted Plate. Each of us got to pick our own unfinished piece of pottery (which we, in turn, gave as a gift to the other. Aw. So cute), painted it to our liking, and The Painted Plate glazed and kilned our masterpieces (which were ready for pick up within a week). It is one of the best dates I've ever had with my husband!

The prices are perfect - cost of the piece plus 50%. I love that at The Painted Plate, there are pieces of pottery for every age (and every budget). They have everything from lightswitch covers and piggy banks to the more expensive plates, mugs and water pitchers. Some people have spent the money and created their own dishware - how custom and cool is THAT?!?

I am often at a loss for a design once I get there. Luckily, The Painted Plate has an array of finished pottery showcased around the studio. I've been so inspired by the designs set around me. Can you imagine how relaxing it is to go with a few friends (or a husband...or your kids) and paint pottery? In the past, they have allowed guests to BYOB and some food (NOTE: Please call ahead to confirm if you decide to do this, in case they have stopped allowing it). My friends and I have even celebrated birthday's here (yes, as 20-something adults!). It was a total girls night out, complete with wine, food, music and good conversation. We had our own little room (since we had called ahead and reserved a spot - at no cost), so it was very private.

I am especially excited to highlight The Painted Plate today because this weekend is MOTHER'S DAY! Are you still trying to decide what to give your mom/mother-in-law/grandmother/aunt/sister/wife/etc? Why not spend a relaxing evening painting some custom pottery at the Painted Plate. While it may be slightly too late to have them ready for Mother's Day (I should have posted this LAST week), it would still be a thoughtful gift, albeit a bit late :) FATHER'S DAY is coming up quickly as well, with plenty of time to celebrate the Father's in your life with custom-painted pottery. This would also be a great activity to do with the kids, with the result of a very personal and genuine gift to their dad!

Check out The Painted Plate's website HERE. Even if you're outside of West Chester, it is worth the drive! Come have lunch or dinner at one of the many great eateries, followed by a painting session at "The Plate!" (If you want a restaurant recommendation, feel free to email me or leave a comment - I'll get back to you quickly!).

If you DON'T live around West Chester, but love the idea - use your favorite search engine to find a paint-your-own pottery studio near you!

Do you have a favorite hang out, hotspot or happening in the greater Philadelphia area? Email me at moderndaydonnareed@gmail.com, and share it with the rest of the community!

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  1. Hey! Sonny and I went here this weekend and had a blast. They were doing a special where you only had to pay for the piece of pottery, no studio fee. We each did a plate and I can't wait to see how they turned out.
    I went there years ago, but I'm glad you reminded me that it existed :) It was a fun date!


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